Translation of information in Spanish:


información, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪnfəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1(facts, news)

      información feminine
      information about sth/sb informaciónacerca de / sobre algo/algn
      information on sth/sb informaciónacerca de / sobre algo/algn
      a piece of information un dato
      • they gave us a little/a lot of information nos dieron / nos facilitaron un poco de/mucha información
      • for more/further information write to … para más/mayor información diríjase a …
      • we have very little information about / on this company/him tenemos muy poca información acerca de / sobre la compañía/él
      • we have no information as to his whereabouts desconocemos su paradero
      • information center centro de información
      • information centre centro de información
      • information network red informativa
      • information office oficina de información
      • information pack material informativo
      • The unit will provide information and advice to members of the public on their rights and entitlements.
      • Facts provide information which is free from the contamination of a subjective viewpoint.
      • They will also be consulted on plans for future developments and receive regular information about the hospital.
      • But now the regular information they received from police has ground to a halt.
      • Disputes often arise about what information was in fact provided in a given case.
      • He said another new witness had been found who could provide vital information regarding an identification issue.
      • Yes, but I have to say it is still unusual for one person to receive three pieces of information from three separate sources.
      • There are some pieces of information that I will provide here that I believe are worth reading.
      • He's always there to provide those pieces of information that are forgotten by the others.
      • Women who are Rhesus negative will receive information and counselling about the treatment.
      • The charity provides advice and information on topics such as access to benefits and services.
      • You, sir, for what ever reason, work hard to provide solid information on a regular basis that I can use.
      • He had missed the midday news broadcast that had announced this vital piece of information.
      • Your letter provides no facts, details or information that in anyway contradict the article.
      • This is a national helpline that can provide sound advice and information on giving up smoking.
      • The information service can provide you with information and advice on all your rights and entitlements.
      • The Murray family believe one person has a vital piece of information that could lead to a breakthrough in the case.
      • Drug treatment, counselling services, and advice and information may be provided from a primary service.
      • Police stressed the man was not a suspect or under arrest but hoped he could provide vital information that could lead them to the killer.
      • The trial had heard that a vital piece of information was missing.

    • 1.2US Telecommunications

      información feminine
      servicio de información telefónica masculine
      • All the cards contain a computer chip which stores information, such as what type of meal has been purchased by the pupil.
      • Although the hardware is still at a very basic stage, the theory of how quantum computers process information is well advanced.
      • At that price, he reasoned, it would finally be cheaper to store information on computer than it is on paper.
      • Staff at the Revenue have wide access to computers, which store information on up to 60m people.
      • Codes act as tags that are placed on data about people to allow the information to be processed by the computer.
      • Where does all of this electronic information get stored and how do children process it?
      • In most computer systems, the information is carried by wires and electronic parts.
      • They have revealed fears that the information stored on blank discs is vulnerable to being lost within a decade.
      • There is also provision to change the information stored on the battery-operated boards.
      • MPO lets processors store information locally so it is there when they need it, without those latencies.
      • Your computer accesses the information a little at a time, just ahead of what you're listening to.
      • They had to programme their robot by using a computer and downloading the information into the robot via a Lego brick.
      • All the information was stored by the digital camera when the picture was taken.
      • A desktop machine built three years ago would be enough to store all the information needed.
      • This takes snapshots of a system's hard disk content and stores the information in a compressed form on a server.
      • The client software can then be used to keep the information on the handset synchronized with the information stored on the server.
      • Hibernation is when the system stores all the information it has in its memory onto the hard disk, then shuts down.
      • Bios information is stored inside a chip housed on the computer's motherboard.
      • The computer can record how accurately information is processed and how quickly.
      • You can use a laptop computer to download information about the performance of the machine.

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    información feminine
    information processing tratamiento de la información
    • information system sistema de información
    • information transfer transferencia de información