Translation of inhale in Spanish:


inhalar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈheɪl/

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transitive verb

  • 1


intransitive verb

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    (when smoking) tragarse el humo
    • Marla breathed in deeply, inhaling the smoke of her cigarette before blowing it out in a long wisp.
    • Alone, Ian takes a deep breath, inhaling the perfumed air she's left in her wake.
    • The giggling came to a sudden halt as a sharp breath of air was inhaled somewhere above me.
    • He ran one hand through his hair as he pulled deeply on his cigarette and inhaled the smoke.
    • Suddenly he spat out water and choked; he inhaled the air deeply and opened his eyes.
    • Some of them even light up on buses where you can't even get away from inhaling their second-hand smoke.
    • With each yard, her scent became stronger, and I breathed it in, inhaling so deeply the cold air scorched a path to my lungs.
    • Each time the memory comes up, she would squint her eyes and inhale her breath very deeply.
    • When someone inhales the smoke, they are receiving doses of drugs, and they can subsequently become addicted themselves.
    • Just imagine that the nose is blocked and the air is inhaled through your larynx.
    • As you inhale a polluted air it creates a lot of problem in your system.
    • As you may recall from biology class, you inhale air and exhale carbon dioxide.
    • You breathe in reluctantly, imagining you're inhaling the fumes from your shoe.
    • Davy was the first person to experience intoxication after inhaling a gas or vapour.
    • He inhaled the freezing air around, hearing the whistle of the wind through the infantry.
    • She inhaled the clear air and, coming to herself, passed her hand over her forehead.
    • As the car came to a stop she got out and inhaled the fresh air as if it was giving her the strength she needed.
    • He closed his eyes to inhale the air and he began a slow trot down the hall toward an elevator.
    • An elderly man died from inhaling poisonous fumes as he tried to put out a fire at his home.
    • You set fire to it, then deeply inhale the smoky poisonous fumes.