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heredar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈhɛrət/ /ɪnˈhɛrɪt/

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    to inherit sth (from sb/sth) heredar algo (de algn/algo)
    • Often properties are inherited by several heirs.
    • All other property is inherited equally among all heirs from both parents.
    • This allows you to decide exactly which people will inherit any money, property or other assets when you die.
    • You can get rich in several ways: by winning a lottery, marrying into money, inheriting wealth, suing, or careful scrimping and saving over a lifetime.
    • She has inherited a property from her grandparents and wishes to move into that home with her children.
    • It was my father's intention that he should not, however inherit the property until he was 21 years old.
    • In order to inherit money from his aunt he has to marry within a month.
    • After the war, women increasingly inherited real property and served as executors of men's estates.
    • Among Bullock County residents, owning a fine bird dog could build a man's reputation almost as quickly as inheriting large sums of money or land.
    • This may not be a popular point of view but why should we be able to inherit large sums of money for which we have made no contribution.
    • The property was initially inherited by the deceased's sister, the only known relative entitled to the inheritance at the time.
    • Those are people who inherited large sums of money, won the lottery, or sold their Internet businesses for billions of dollars.
    • Depending on who inherits the money after your death, there may be income or inheritance tax to be paid on the proceeds.
    • Her property would be inherited by her children who would be members of the new family.
    • This debt is then gifted to a second trust, which ensures your children inherit the property on your death.
    • The wife keeps her mother's last name, children keep the mother's last name and the youngest daughter inherits the family property.
    • Before inheriting the title on the death of his father he had been left Field House, Flaxton, its 400 acres, and some tenanted farmsteads by an aunt.
    • Furthermore, people who inherit such money can also be made liable for tax due.
    • When a person dies without a will, Texas statutes determine who inherits that person's property.
    • He knew that once Reginald died and Miranda inherited his money and estate, they would be together again.

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