Translation of inhumane in Spanish:


inhumano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(h)juˈmeɪn/ /ɪnhjʊˈmeɪn/

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    (treatment) inhumano
    (person) cruel
    • If those who have the power to change this law have listened to my story, then I hope they will see that the law is cruel, barbaric and inhumane.
    • Brutal, cruel, inhumane and disturbing violence happens all over the world.
    • He has been treated in a cruel, inhumane and degrading manner, he wants the authorities to answer for that.
    • Most of this is produced in intensive farming systems which are extremely cruel and inhumane.
    • Furthermore we live in an age where we need not kill a criminal in an inhumane way.
    • Sadly, many nations suffer from despotic, inhumane regimes, and we play sport with them.
    • The interior ministers saw no reason to stop this inhumane and barbaric practice, however.
    • Their conduct was not only inhumane and barbaric, it was also plainly illegal.
    • Hundreds of thousands of slaves died under inhumane conditions.
    • Even in its most inhumane form, child labour, he argues, is not the problem.
    • I do not think that this should include hypothetical discussions about a management that most would agree to be inhumane.
    • Mainly though, they, and I, think it is wrong to chase and kill animals in such an inhumane and totally unnecessary way.
    • There are those who decry landmines as inhumane, but that is not always the case.
    • Patriotism constantly plays upon people's insecurities and fears to justify very inhumane behaviour.
    • I hate it when my countrymen and I are branded as inhumane, criminals, or some other nasty term.
    • This is inhumane and will create more tensions between the two countries.
    • The standard of treatment is now well established as illegal and inhumane.
    • They were made to labour under most inhumane conditions in a strange land.
    • Because of the inhumane nature of slavery, slave revolts became commonplace in Jamaica.
    • Why is it that violent and inhumane acts are screened daily on television?