Traducción de injustice en Español:


injusticia, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈdʒəstəs/ /ɪnˈdʒʌstɪs/

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    injusticia femenino
    • Do they campaign against the assorted injustices in the city and challenge politicians on their doorstep?
    • He referred to a number of grave injustices that were imposed on non-national workers in this country.
    • Few people in his position used their fame to stand up against injustices and to spread the message of love and peace in the way he did.
    • Some land surrendered to the Crown may have involved injustices.
    • On behalf of the people that I represent in this parliament, I say sorry for these past injustices.
    • It was literature that gave her the courage to write about the terrible injustices she witnessed among the black population.
    • You are downplaying the honest feelings we have in regards to these injustices, and losing our respect.
    • They fought shoulder-to-shoulder with men against the injustices of colonial rule.
    • It should aim to make us aware of the injustices still rampant.
    • We need to take the opportunities we have to be active, not passive, in exposing the injustices done to ourselves and to others.
    • But the Vietnam he founded is not one that wallows in the injustices and hardships of the past.
    • We all see how global injustices directly affect local injustices.
    • However, social and racial injustices persist and it's important that some people should get angry about it.
    • But in spite of the injustices meted out by her father, she is not bitter.
    • This must be reversed, otherwise this country will collapse when such injustices remain.
    • However, in our quest for universal peace, this does not mean that we are forgetful of injustices.
    • They revel in every perceived injustice, and are desperate to have someone to blame.
    • Putting a deadline on eliminating this injustice would be a real success.
    • Put this injustice right Home Office, these men have earned the right to be called British and they are proud to do so.
    • Australia provides for and nurtures this injustice by its immoral foreign policy.