Translation of ink in Spanish:


tinta, n.

Pronunciation /ɪŋk/

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    (for writing)
    tinta feminine
    please write in ink se ruega escribir con tinta
    • ink bottle frasco de tinta
    • ink eraser goma de tinta
    • a pen and ink sketch un bosquejo a pluma y a tinta
    • It involves showing people words printed in different coloured inks, and asking them to say what the colour of the ink was.
    • A number of the works on exhibit are drawings or collages done on paper in bright colored inks or pastels, which are framed in the conventional manner.
    • Personalised letters, coloured inks, free pens, promises of free gifts, and even gold or silver envelopes are now routinely used by the commercial sector to attract the attention of potential customers.
    • The new bill will actually make use of colored inks, something the U.S. has been reluctant to adopt despite the prevalent use of colorful bills in other countries.
    • These new products include soy-based lubricants, wood adhesives, printing inks, solvents, building composite materials and paints, among many others.
    • In most printing inks, the solvents are oil-based, with petroleum-based oils most commonly used for this purpose.
    • Collusion among established printers influenced price through the control of raw materials and retail goods including inks, papers, forms, account books and printing supplies.
    • Most tattoo materials - inks, ink cups, gloves and needles - are used only once to eliminate the possibility of contamination of materials.
    • On photo paper the results over-compensated for the lack of extra photographic inks, though plain paper printing was more impressive.
    • It is only a matter of time before some of these new inks become routinely available for printing high grade office paper.
    • Coloured ink, green especially, indicates that the sender of the letter spends quite a lot of his free time planning to poison the Scottish water supply.
    • This assistance was made through the extension of credits for the purchase of printing presses, equipment, paper, inks, and supplies.
    • Nicholson's drawing, using coloured ink and enamel paints shows a public park full of brightly coloured interconnecting tents.
    • The artists have explored colour and texture with a variety of materials from inks, acrylic oils, pastels and mixed media.
    • To minimize odors, most of the posters are printed with water-soluble ink, but there are occasions that oil-based inks and enamels will be used.
    • Photographic paper doesn't come cheap, the inks are expensive, and the ink droplets are visible.
    • A porous paper may absorb a lot of the ink and as a result, the colors may be lighter.
    • The building up of ink is one of the best things about the ballpoint, and who cannot remember the smell of the ink as you build up sticky, rich layer after layer.
    • Still, I'd like to know that the ink and paper were tested for age.
    • Quickly Chelsea flipped open the message, it was stained with water and some of the ink had run, but all was still legible..
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    tinta feminine
    ink sac bolsa de tinta
    • Sachets of deliciously black squid ink are available in fishmongers or delis such as Valvona & Crolla.
    • The risotto ‘Nero and Oro’ with the black squid's ink risotto with the gold leaf topping deserves a photo before you eat.
    • In a bowl, combine flour, milk and squid ink and mix well.
    • It's a bit like a squid releasing ink and escaping when it is being chased.
    • Half my guests don't eat meat and are more than happy to devour black empanditas filled with calamari plied with saffron and squid ink.
    • Mix squid ink into the first portion until combined.
    • Dilute the squid ink with 100 ml boiling water and set aside.
    • If an octopus releases ink in a small aquarium a partial water change is strongly recommended to protect the health of the octopus.
    • This strategy is similar to the way an octopus releases ink as a decoy.

transitive verb

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    (roller/plate) entintar
    • And as the block was not inked for this procedure it is called blind printing.
    • Some would say a collagraph is an intaglio type of print created with a press, while an image taken from the raised, inked surface of a collage is called a collage relief print.
    • For a go-getter like Eileen, they had better get the plane warmed up and ready, and the Canadian Embassy should get the visa stamps inked!
    • These formes are then placed on the printing press, inked, and printed onto sheets of paper or parchment.
    • To do this, ink the stamp and place inked side up on the table.
    • Push your stamp onto the inked Plexiglas and slightly move it back and forth into the ink.
    • The plate was inked, and the design transferred to tissue.
    • After the design was finished, the plate was inked.
    • She cut up copper sheets, inked them and printed from them onto found papers.