Translation of innovative in Spanish:


innovador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnəˌveɪdɪv/ /ˈɪnəvətɪv/

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    • But he said the firm's success was as much due to its approach as its innovative product.
    • I am used to selling new and innovative products to business customers and consumers.
    • Their success is based on innovative products and the confidence to break the rules.
    • That's the kind of innovative design feature which we pay good money for.
    • The first category is for those with an innovative idea for a business offering a new product or service.
    • All through the ages it has absorbed in itself new cultures and innovative thoughts.
    • Only an experimental version was produced, no further work being done on this innovative idea.
    • By October, a media agency had won a prestigious Australian media award for this innovative concept.
    • It consistently comes up with innovative concepts and hires knowledgeable experts.
    • The team had a great time working on the brand with all the vibrant and innovative ideas and colours.
    • This year the ladies have hit on a very innovative idea for their summer outing.
    • It should be open to innovative ideas and must be able to deal with urban reform issues from time to time.
    • Clever categorisation, creative displays and innovative product offers gave them the edge.
    • If Yorkshire can't give it to them, they will go elsewhere, no matter how innovative our products.
    • Secondly, innovative methods should be adopted to reduce the traffic on the roads.
    • I am not sure which distinct and innovative features they are referencing.
    • We need to test those methods and develop more innovative methods for doing that.
    • So he set up a company to create branded innovative dairy products, with his friend Jamie.
    • I would recommend you consider getting in on the ground level of this innovative venture.
    • At the time, his works were considered both ultra modern and innovative.