Translation of inpatient in Spanish:


paciente hospitalizado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnˌpeɪʃ(ə)nt/ /ˈɪnpeɪʃnt/


  • 1

    paciente hospitalizado masculine
    paciente hospitalizada feminine
    • Yet strangely it has no effective role in treating the most common type of anaemia to affect hospital inpatients.
    • It has been estimated that, among hospital inpatients with delirium, less than half have fully recovered by the time of discharge.
    • You may receive your treatment as an inpatient, as an outpatient in the clinic, or at home.
    • The available clinical evidence leans heavily on parenteral therapy of inpatients with pelvic inflammatory disease.
    • Inpatients should expect to wait no longer than 18 months for a bed, but more than three out of four inpatients are admitted to hospital within three months of referral.
    • Four fifths of the patients recruited were medical inpatients; most patients recruited had cancer.
    • She was treated as an inpatient at her local hospital with intravenous antibiotics for suspected low grade bacterial cellulitis.
    • This study showed that a single intervention to prevent return to smoking in cardiac inpatients after discharge from hospital was not effective.
    • Some were community dwelling ambulatory patients attending a health clinic and others were inpatients on a geriatric ward.
    • In a study of hospital inpatients, less effective pain management was noted for older Hispanic patients.
    • No significant differences were found between ethnic groups in the admission of inpatients to hospitals.
    • The need to explain this to hospital inpatients may not be so obvious.
    • A rescue plan to keep Warminster Community Hospital open to inpatients is expected to be announced to staff today.
    • Such prescriptions may affect two thirds of inpatients in specialist palliative care units.
    • All members of the team sat in with me in an outpatient clinic and observed my ward round of inpatients.
    • They note the relatively low levels of outpatient attendance among this group, along with higher rates of drop-out from treatment than among inpatients.
    • Yet over the same period, the number of cases seen in outpatients and inpatients in English hospitals has soared.
    • Substance misuse is common in psychiatric inpatients, but most patients have not been asked about these disorders by admitting psychiatrists.
    • I cover all inpatients, partial-hospital patients and consultations from the medical hospital.
    • We invited adult inpatients and outpatients at Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand to take part in the study.