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aportación, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnˌpʊt/ /ˈɪnpʊt/

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    • 1.1(of resources)

      aportación femenino
      aporte masculino América Latina
      a large financial input una gran aportación financiera
      • It finally allowed efficient input into computers in a format which modern man could understand.
      • These strengths make them ideal for certain IT work, such as computer programming or data input, which many people find boring, she said.
      • About the same time I was told that the paper tape as a means of computer input was dead, too.
      • In mitigation, overcharging customers due to an incorrect computer input is not a hanging offence.
      • It's a phrase that could apply to how corporate leaders make decisions as readily as it does to the results of computer-data input.
      • The suspect is in charge of data input and software operations at a company, police said.

    • 1.2(contribution)

      aportación femenino
      aporte masculino América Latina
      • In this issue we are particularly requesting your input about people involved in chemical engineering, law, forestry and history.
      • It shows that, on average, women contribute 13% to total labour input in farming.
      • Having this type of input contributes to a team feeling.
      • We would say to them that we valued their input and contribution, and we would reward it through a lower tax system that showed that we thought they were important.
      • I feel I could contribute much input on the current controversy of meds being passed in our group homes.
      • Is it really that difficult to inform students of proposed changes and seek their input on these issues?
      • Questions were directed at students who were particularly vocal on the audiotapes, but other students were free to walk up and contribute input to the questions as they wished.
      • Even more, we'd love your input about the last issue I discussed, this distributed or open-source journalism.
      • He also stressed the importance of reducing labour input from the current level of 45 hours per cow per year to 25 hours.
      • But there are issues about the local input into decision-making.
      • The highest labour input is on farms in the south and east.
      • Reduced labour input and feed costs can be achieved by going down the route of feeding chopped straw as part of winter diets.
      • This means that those of us who need the information will have critical input into developing the information as well as having a voice in designing how the information gets back to us.
      • They believed the only reason development was not working was the lack of professional input: if we provided this, poverty would magically vanish.
      • He thanked fellow officers and members for their wonderful input and contribution.
      • I encourage students to participate and provide input on the affairs of the municipality which affect them directly.
      • I feel the commissioners should have been involved in having some input to the traffic management plan.
      • The project also involves extensive stakeholder input from the public and private sectors.
      • I decided my input would involve cooking enough rice to make the stew go far enough to feed the troops.
      • Your Board of Directors seeks your input on this issue.

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    entrada femenino
    (unit/data/statement) (before noun) de entrada
    • The movements in your neck are instantly translated into mouse-compatible input to the computer.
    • The mouse is probably the most important computer input item you'll use in your lifetime, and the right mouse will mean a lot to your computing comfort.
    • The LL-T2015 can accept input from three different computers using an optional connection cable.
    • A functional computer needs input and output devices, memory, data to work on, and a program that defines how the data are handled.
    • As they made their adjustments, a computer stored their input and later created a blueprint of the results.
    • The computer rejected his input with a loud beep and he slammed his fists against the smooth, light-silver barrier with anger.
    • This is the kind of error - where the computer simply ignores your input silently - that I find more frustrating than any other.
    • The guidance head switched from setting to setting, feeding its input to the computer.
    • Instead they provide input into a computer that issues commands to the components.
    • A perfect computer takes the input and gives the desired output.
    • She could ‘type’ as fast as Jimmie's computer could accept the input.
    • This information may simply include input device data and timestamps.
    • The IBD application folder contains example files and a manual with more detailed information on input file formats.
    • As well as being used for text input, the device will also allow users to navigate the desktop and browse the web.
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    • 3.1(of power)

      entrada femenino

    • 3.2(terminal, jack)

      entrada femenino
      • Others have the inputs for recording audio from external devices like cassette players.
      • Both sets ship with a remote control unit with auxiliary sound inputs and a headphone socket.
      • To monitor all of this, the channels for all of the live inputs had to be record-enabled.
      • If your television has a number of video inputs, it is better to go direct and not add extra cabling.
      • There are analogue and digital inputs as well as s-video and component video.

verbo transitivo inputting, input, input, inputted, inputted

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    (data/signal) entrar
    • As numbers added up they were inputted into computer databases - spewing out vote by ballot box after ballot box and available for all to see on the wall behind the tally centre through a projector aid.
    • There have been delays in setting up the intelligence system and little or no improvement in inputting details of arrests or summonses on the Police National Computer.
    • Work on inputting the details for the Single Payment database was well advanced.
    • A clever feature makes it possible for people to adjust the temperature in each area from their computers by inputting a code printed on the nearest duct.
    • Henry explained that consumers now need to validate websites before inputting their personal data.
    • For quick input, the stylus isn't terrible, but writing long e-mails or even inputting several contacts can be grueling.
    • A reader informed us of an internal Revenue memo he had seen that told of Revenue staff printing off Internet-submitted forms and then inputting them manually into another computer.
    • As you can see, some of these command-line commands can get downright Byzantine when you're inputting a lot of parameters!
    • The data collected have been inputted into a searchable database.
    • The new sales-commission structure is too complicated for the current finance application, so several staffers have been calculating percentages and inputting payments by hand.
    • Therefore at around this time, all book entries were being inputted onto the computer system on a daily basis.
    • He also expressed concern about the way police in England and Wales were inputting data on to the Police National Computer about offenders, particularly details of arrests and summonses.
    • Has anyone else had problems receiving the confirmation e-mail once inputting your e-mail address for the registration?
    • He said: ‘We are determined inputting data on to the police national computer should be improved.’
    • Lucinda pressed a few buttons on her console, bring up menus, pressing buttons and inputting data.
    • Compensation awards in settled cases and by judges since January 2003 are being inputted into the computerised system.
    • After inputting the data, the company was satisfied with the program's ability to model the complex organic shapes of the human heart and its surrounding arterial tree.
    • We spent the first few months inputting the customer data before going onto the next phase.
    • Errors can be easily be made in not saving information that has been input.
    • Operators ask 999 callers questions, and input responses into a computer.