Translation of inscrutable in Spanish:


inescrutable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈskrudəb(ə)l/ /ɪnˈskruːtəb(ə)l/

Definition of inescrutable in Spanish


  • 1

    • An inscrutable and incomparably powerful force permeates the Universe and binds it together.
    • It is not some mysterious, inscrutable relation that beliefs bear to facts, whatever they might be.
    • There is something inscrutable about the dragon, something that cannot be understood.
    • But at night when we're on the sofa he sees the inscrutable stories flickering on the box in the corner.
    • Her inscrutable silence has become a canvas for projected social anxieties.
    • Between them they come up with a tale that is occasionally engaging, often inscrutable, and in the end simplistic.
    • The real danger is from the chaotic hatred between mortals that follows the wake of the enemy, not his inscrutable agenda.
    • Now it is said that the inscrutable coach will have to live up to the demands placed on him by the billion people living within a fanatical football nation.
    • Their musical and personal relationship is at the same time completely open and completely inscrutable.
    • He just smiles his inscrutable smile and carries on clipping.
    • The relationship between artist and subject can be inscrutable.
    • She had a private meeting with Bertie, who was sympathetic but inscrutable.
    • He understands that the poem is foremost a form of communication, and fails if it becomes inscrutable.
    • In another brief appearance, the inscrutable South African was dispatched from the event with six holes to spare.
    • Newspaper stories see the light of day for all sorts of strange and inscrutable reasons.
    • In the inscrutable case, the overall truth about a state of affairs is not known by anyone.
    • I wonder if she's holding something back, so inscrutable does she seem at times.
    • He was oddly inscrutable, like he knew what all the questions were.
    • It's like a compelling bad dream whose inscrutable images persist in the traumatised moments after waking.
    • He didn't know why the priests had ordered it built, they had their own inscrutable reasons, he didn't really care.