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perspicacia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnˌsaɪt/ /ˈɪnsʌɪt/

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    perspicacia femenino
    she has great insight es muy perspicaz
    • And as we get older our perspectives grow wider: we forget a lot but we also gain more insight into things.
    • We also envisage this as a discovery kind of museum in which the villagers can gain some insight into science.
    • Words leave the page and become real, and you gain rare insight into the authors, their books, and their passions.
    • We thus gained insight into how easy it is for the whole content of the news to be controlled.
    • I think it's by reading his work that we can gain quick insight into how to become rich quickly.
    • Such austerities were employed in an attempt to gain insight into the fundamental nature of existence.
    • At best, you could gain some insight into how to improve your performance.
    • She has not gained insight into her pre-existing persecutory beliefs.
    • It gives us a way to gain some insight into what type of fatigue they're dealing with and the best way to manage that fatigue.
    • Thus, the British army never gained any insight into what had gone wrong in the last war.
    • Wisdom and love, insight into the Supreme and fellowship with other human beings had to go together.
    • Killeen however did have some insight into the reason behind the difference behind the shows.
    • The subject feels that he has gained insight into important truths and believes that he has a duty to share these with the world.
    • Seth gives us insight into the reasons for his divorce and why he needed to leave his job as an accountant.
    • She did not seem to have enough insight into the reasons for this disconnection.
    • This is the word from the Catholic Church, who have far more insight into these matters than lowly commoners such as myself.
    • Interviewing must have given him insight into human nature, but what insights has it given into himself?
    • Endurance could provide insight into the environmental history of the area, but there are risks.
    • Understanding of the role that deprivation has in epilepsy gives insight into its aetiology and management.
    • Did either one of you at any time feel that you got truly into his soul, insight into what makes this man tick?
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    insight into sth