Translation of insistence in Spanish:


insistencia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɪstəns/ /ɪnˈsɪst(ə)ns/

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    insistencia feminine
    insistence on sth/that … insistencia en algo/en que …
    • Their insistence on quality has struck a particularly strong chord with older customers.
    • What made Silicon Alley special was its insistence that content is king.
    • He is uncompromising in his insistence on seeing the world from his own perspective and never pandering to audiences.
    • Her insistence on confrontation led Sapphire to look for her mother.
    • The insistence is all the more remarkable as ministers currently have record amounts of funding from the taxpayer.
    • The rest of the clubs should wave them off with their blessing but with the firm insistence that they will never be allowed to return.
    • It is yet another symptom of our approach to technology, our insistence at robotic responses to human dilemmas.
    • Part of its appeal must stem from his bizarre insistence that while the plot is fiction, it is constructed on basic truths.
    • Its insistence on being granted unlimited access to Kashmir is a one-sided affair.
    • It was at his insistence that she had started learning music and he wanted her to take up classical singing.
    • The British insistence on the rule of law is not only right in principle, but is also proving safer in practice for our troops.
    • Her gift for melody, her insistence on shaping almost every piece as a song, gives her work a stamp of individuality.
    • No, this is indolence that is beyond even the animal kingdom in its insistence.
    • But the clubs' financial woes are exacerbated by their insistence on paying players.
    • Then there is his long-running and mysterious insistence on naming muscles.
    • There are those who thought he had backed away a bit from his insistence on fair trade.
    • The administration's insistence that things are on track and all it must do is stay the course is beginning to grate.
    • The palace's insistence that the visit is not publicised until two weeks before has also caused problems.
    • Now those talks, at the player's own insistence, will not take place until after the summer holidays.
    • What can be the explanation for this odd insistence on counterproductive policy?