Translation of inspiration in Spanish:


inspiración, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪnspɪˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(for artistic creation)

      inspiración feminine
      source of inspiration fuente de inspiración
      • my inspiration is drawn mostly from the classics me inspiro sobre todo en los autores clásicos
      • He kicked 21 points and, more importantly, provided the creative inspiration that led directly to at least two of the Aussies' tries.
      • They also looked at stories by popular authors like Roald Dahl for a flash of creative inspiration.
      • Hence the emphasis on communication in her books, and the emphasis on artistic inspiration as a flash of objective vision.
      • This was contrary to the idea (influenced by Romanticism) that an artist should rely on inspiration and creativity.
      • With the help of such means, the process of inspiration is galvanized into a complete artistic and spiritual masterpiece.
      • Cameron was confident that relaxing and re-creating in the midst of mountain splendour would uplift creative energies and artistic inspiration.
      • There are flashes of artistic inspiration and drive in an impromptu hip-hop dance battle and when the exhausted competitors compare post-rehearsal bruises.
      • First, you have to have artistic direction that provides inspiration and vision balanced with savvy business acumen.
      • In this way ‘Repulsed’ addresses the enigma of creative inspiration and articulates its own unique prose language in the process.
      • She will continue to provide creative inspiration.
      • Forty different gardens are shown, providing inspiration for wonderful creations for your own home, regardless of the season.
      • All new creations are built on previous creations and provide inspiration for future ones.
      • However, commentators often interpret isolated cases of this process of inspiration, adoption, and re-valuation as indicative of the whole.
      • But this was immediately challenged by Van de Velde's protest about the importance of individual artistic inspiration.
      • This network evolves and materializes through a process of inspiration, image, and historic precedent.
      • Our collection is the culmination of innovation, hard work, inspiration and creativity.
      • The process of inspiration is active and requires energy for muscle contraction.
      • Fine artists would give inspiration and stimulus and craftsmen would give practical classes.
      • You'll be pleased to know relationships - especially with your own creative inspiration - are more responsive to play than to work right now.
      • The core group's ongoing responsibility lies in providing inspiration and awareness through individual artistic dreams.

    • 1.2(encouragement, example)

      her bravery was a constant inspiration to her family su valor fue una constante fuente de inspiración para su familia
      • he was the inspiration behind her success fue el inspirador de su éxito
      • his hard work is an inspiration to us su tesón nos sirve de estímulo
      • All of which will remind you that moments of revelation, like sudden inspirations, should always be handled quite gingerly.
      • You watch the show, you leave with a thought, a concept, an idea, an inspiration, something like that.
      • All of a sudden inspiration struck - I would call it Jabba.
      • I stood back and looked at him, our mutual frustration apparent, when I had a sudden inspiration.
      • On a sudden inspiration, he chose the one with the youngest operator.
      • If your most brilliant inspirations strike after dark, you can swing two feet on the floor and wheel into gear with mobile office equipment (available from office supply stores or catalogs).
      • Jerry, who had been working in other branches of the performing arts, wanted everyone he selected present for every hour of rehearsal in case he had a sudden inspiration.
      • A great idea, an inspiration, is a gift from the Gods.
      • Kassie and Mike talked for another hour and a half, occasionally getting interrupted by something Mike had to do, or a sudden inspiration he had had.
      • As I recalled the plot of ‘Tommy’, my eyes lit up with a sudden inspiration.
      • Jea got a sudden inspiration, she stuck out her arms and started turning and spinning in circles down the block, in the acid rain of New York City.
      • I haven't figured out what happens next but that doesn't mean that I won't have a sudden inspiration.
      • Tzaer, having added all the ingredients, was about to put the cartridge into the pen when he had a sudden inspiration.
      • He could tell from the distant look in Seira's eyes that the other boy had been struck with a sudden inspiration for a piece.
      • A sudden inspiration caused Jordan to hop out of bed and rummage through her desk drawer to find a pad of paper and pen.
      • With a sudden inspiration I improvised, changing the speech to fit the occasion.
      • Suddenly her face lit up as if she had been hit with a sudden inspiration.
      • He looked at the far wall and with a sudden inspiration, clapped the book shut.
      • Sudden inspiration struck her, and she hurried over to the corner of the room.
      • Suddenly the inspiration dawned on me and I told them some half-baked excuse about job cuts and being given a Free Transfer to Millhampton.

    • 1.3(wonderful idea)

      idea genial feminine
      inspiración feminine
      I've just had an inspiration! ¡se me acaba de ocurrir una idea genial!

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    inspiración feminine
    aspiración feminine
    • It is easiest to hear breath sounds during inspiration and expiratory sounds are less well heard.
    • Apnea duration was defined as the time between the end of inspiration of the breath preceding a central apnea and the onset of inspiration of the breath terminating the apnea.
    • The process of taking air into the lungs is called inspiration, or inhalation, and the process of breathing it out is called expiration, or exhalation.
    • Examiners compared observed systolic pressure between inspiration and expiration, and subtracted the two values.
    • A 24 year old woman presented with sudden onset shortness of breath and chest pain that was worse on inspiration.