Translation of instability in Spanish:


inestabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnstəˈbɪlədi/ /ɪnstəˈbɪlɪti/

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  • 1

    (of situation)
    inestabilidad feminine
    economic/political instability inestabilidad económica/política
    • Economic hardship and popular demoralisation may create social and political instabilities which are more formidable threats to the regime than war with South Korea.
    • Economic or political instabilities within Pakistan could easily ignite the conflict once more.
    • Some simple arithmetic can give us a broader view of these structural instabilities.
    • Experts point to societal issues such as economics, racial disharmony, family instabilities, and population density as major risk factors for violence and homicides.
    • It metaphorises cyberpunk's social instabilities into an alarming maelstrom of biological uncertainty: exaggerated clarity becomes exaggerated anxiety.
    • Far from strengthening Australian capitalism, the global integration of production has left it highly vulnerable to the instabilities of world economy.
    • Installation and operation on both machines was flawless - no lockups, no incompatibilities, and no instabilities.
    • Due to the soft nature of these samples quantitative measurements of small instabilities were rather difficult.
    • This structure arose from small gravitational instabilities seeded in the chaos just after the Big Bang.
    • Possible disputes tie into the domestic instabilities of both states and symbolize the political threat that they pose to each other.
    • This unreliability is not caused by sudden instabilities of search engines, but precisely by their operational stability in systematically updating the Internet.
    • Temperature differences cause instabilities and drive winds, and unstable disturbances grow into powerful storms.
    • More likely however is that the worrying lack of form stems from instabilities off the field.
    • A grimmer possibility is that new instabilities are emerging.
    • People who are my age are growing up with impending problems, such as major environmental instabilities and global warming.
    • The region has followed the instabilities of Indonesia nervously since the crisis and regime change in 1998.
    • Many instabilities of the past quarter century have especially affected young males.
    • Moreover, he argues that both anarchy and empire are extreme conditions, the natural instabilities of which tend to push the norm into the middle ranges of the spectrum.
    • Historically, government priorities and technical directions have changed more frequently than would be justified by technology lifetimes, creating market instabilities.
    • If you break supersymmetry, if you do it the wrong way, you're going to get a cosmological constant that's much too big, and then you may well get associated problems, such as instabilities, runaways and so on.
  • 2

    (of person)
    inestabilidad feminine
    emotional/mental instability inestabilidad emocional/mental
    • It emerged that Sharpe had a history of mental instability and had had psychiatric treatment.
    • He is unbalanced, and that mental instability makes him a danger to himself and to others.
    • This may be a reflection of Victorian attitudes towards mental instability.
    • I do not think that it by any means implies mental instability of any kind.
    • Mental instability affects almost everyone at some time in their lives.
    • It is possible for a man to get a fake doctor's certificate to prove the mental instability of his wife and get a divorce.
    • Once his mental instability manifested itself, she won a divorce, but she did not seem so very fond of him in the first place.
    • Why wasn't his mental instability spotted before this terrible incident?
    • The cast skilfully confronted the delicate issue of mental instability with poise and sensitivity.
    • I think that it requires a serious state of mental instability to be incited to copy what you see on a television screen.
    • Ying Tong is about the relationship between creativity and mental instability.
    • A feud with her two older sisters over her boyfriend added to her mental instability.
    • You do still wonder why her closest friends are so willing to indulge her mood swings and are so oblivious to her instability.
    • Moving from job to job is seen as a sign of instability rather than a sign of success.
    • Jesus knows our frailties, our struggles, our instabilities.
    • This may be due to mental problems (low IQ, instabilities, whatever) or to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control.