Translation of instant replay in Spanish:

instant replay

repetición (de la jugada), n.


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    repetición (de la jugada) feminine
    the situation is an instant replay of last month lo que está pasando es un calco / una repetición de lo que pasó el mes pasado
    • They have instant replays, commentary, statistics, no foul weather or uncomfortable seats and, most importantly, if the game turns out to be boring, they can watch something else.
    • The great television in centerfield has jerky video on instant replays.
    • His actions were framed, admired, dictated, and conformed to the spectacle of the screen, his character was developed through instant replays, audience noises, and violent clashes with the Houston natives.
    • Some may miss the instant replays in the sequel, especially given the crashes are now more impressive than ever.
    • Overall, everything moves at a good pace, and the various wipes and instant replays don't detract the least from the action.
    • But in the 1960s, more mobile cameras afforded viewers better angles, while instant replays of controversial calls by referees gave viewers twenty-twenty hindsight.
    • Not being able to watch instant replays of contentious/miraculous incidents was annoying, as was not being able to see the timeclock or any other stats.
    • As a person that purchases instructional videos, I am tired of getting a video that has something like 10 techniques and fills up the videos with pointless instant replays and talking.
    • Sports arenas had jumbotrons to give instant replays and stats.
    • The public is used to the instant replays to prove the referee wrong on occasion.
    • Implementing instant replay among the 62 teams in the Big Six would mean doubling the number of setups the NFL uses, something that could be accomplished through reduced use of cameras and angles.
    • You'll multitask or wander off getting chores done - only to rush back into the living room to catch the instant replay of one of those ‘moments.’
    • I was watching a game last season, and a play was made where the umpire's call was obviously wrong and proven so by the instant replay on TV.
    • Although, you might have an easier time finding him on the instant replay.
    • To really appreciate what's happening on the field make use of the instant replay.
    • This way pausing of live broadcast and instant replay by rewinding is possible.
    • It's one thing to be unwitting accomplices in sports-bending, specifically the leagues using network cameras for official instant replay.
    • The movement for instant replay throughout college football gained momentum last week when the Mountain West Conference announced it would use replay for the 2005 season.
    • Although it would be a logistical nightmare, Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg says it's possible his league could have instant replay by 2004, too.
    • And 30-second skip and 7-second instant replay features make it even easier to move around your favorite TV shows.