Translation of insulting in Spanish:


insultante, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsəltɪŋ/ /ɪnˈsʌltɪŋ/

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    (remarks/offer) insultante
    (remarks/offer) ofensivo
    he was extremely insulting lo que dijo fue muy insultante
    • Diana also believed her salary to be virtually insulting.
    • His response could scarcely be any more insulting to the intelligence of every reader.
    • The insulting character of the criticism, however, prevented some from delving more deeply into the controversy.
    • He said the name never has been, nor is it intended to be insulting to anyone.
    • Whoever came up with the idea to push an insulting ad like that on the population should be fired.
    • They are insulting to the thousands of parents who have entrusted their children to this school system.
    • This insulting decision speaks volumes about the direction sports is headed.
    • Even more insulting, some critics said, was the fact that the conventions were being relegated to cable news networks.
    • I know that men with literary reputations to polish might find it insulting.
    • Not only was he rude for declining the invitation, but his reason for declining was insulting to the host.
    • I think that these reasons are down right insulting.
    • I have heard the shouted threats and demands and have witnessed some of the insulting, demeaning ways staff are treated.
    • When I attempt to engage in debate about their views they become loud and insulting.
    • Calling everything junk is tedious and perhaps slightly insulting to the gatherer.
    • Bobby and Tina began exchanging insulting, sarcastic remarks.
    • It should be borne in mind that words or behaviour may be annoying or rude without being necessarily abusive or insulting.
    • His words are destructive and made even more insulting because he does not even realise the effect they have.
    • If it makes you feel good to write an insulting letter, go ahead.
    • It should be based upon evaluating whether the events presented in the book are accurate and whether insulting language was used.
    • I thought this rather sweet, but highly insulting to her memory.