Translation of insurgency in Spanish:


insurgencia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsərdʒ(ə)nsi/ /ɪnˈsəːdʒ(ə)nsi/

nounplural insurgencies

  • 1

    insurgencia feminine
    sublevación feminine
    the insurgency in the occupied territories la insurgencia en los territorios ocupados
    • You simply don't have enough troops to get the insurgency under control.
    • Understandably, the military is today resolved to apply overwhelming force to crush the insurgency.
    • Apparently, our construction projects are also targets of the insurgency.
    • He was sent with troops in 1599 to quell the continuing insurgency.
    • Despite several decades of low-level insurgency, neither group could achieve their demand for separation.
    • I heard the general say that the destruction of the city had "broken the back of the insurgency."
    • The troops are driving through the backstreets, making raids on suspected insurgency cells.
    • Last time you were here, in April, you suggested that we might have been seeing the end of the insurgency.
    • This type of insurgency is not promoted by an outside government.
    • There have been cases in which insurgencies have been defeated without either massive social destruction or a more-or-less permanent despotism.