Translation of intangible in Spanish:


intangible, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtændʒəb(ə)l/ /ɪnˈtan(d)ʒɪb(ə)l/

Definition of intangible in Spanish


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    intangible assets activo intangible
    • But, on average, intangible assets now represent about 80 percent of the market value of public companies.
    • Physical as opposed to intangible assets in businesses in advanced economies such as Ireland's are reducing in importance.
    • A company's book value is its net asset value minus its intangible assets, current liabilities, long-term debt and equity issues.
    • Adjusted net earnings, of course, excludes the after-tax impact of amortisation of intangible assets and integration costs related to acquisitions.
    • Because many biotechnology firms do not have any revenues and their assets are usually intangible, the best measure of firm size in this industry is a headcount.
    • Like the intangible assets measure, we computed export intensity as a five-year moving average.
    • The balance sheet also includes intangible assets of $1.18 billion and long-term debt of $2 billion.
    • There are no intangible assets on the balance sheet which might have helped to explain the extraordinary price.
    • Another point is that the cost and value of goods and services include an ever-increasing percentage of intangible assets.
    • Here is a place to start: try calculating the total value of a company's intangible assets.
    • Intellectual property law has to do with intangible assets, things like words, phrases, logos, and pictures.
    • It argued that the asset test wasn't relevant to start-up companies spending heavily on research and development, most of whose assets are intangible.
    • I'm not suggesting that intangible assets should be ignored.
    • If they had access to the inside information about intangible assets that managers have, it could only get worse.
    • Is the future earning potential of your business an intangible asset?
    • How did intangible assets come to play such a central role at so many companies?
    • This is because the intangible assets such as goodwill are included in the shareholders' funds figure.
    • This means that most of the backing for the share price is goodwill, an intangible asset.
    • Given its hazy nature, goodwill is designated as an intangible asset.
    • If the purchase price exceeds the book value of the acquired company, an intangible asset or ‘goodwill’ is created on the balance sheet.


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    imponderable masculine