Traducción de intensify en español:


intensificar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtɛnsəˌfaɪ/ /ɪnˈtɛnsɪfʌɪ/

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verbo transitivo intensifies, intensifying, intensified

  • 1

    (search/campaign) intensificar
    (efforts) redoblar
    (efforts) intensificar
    (pain/anxiety) agudizar
    (pain/anxiety) intensificar
    • Still, analysts said it may need to expand overseas as competition intensified.
    • The place to be these days is in one of the accession countries, as the focus on EU enlargement begins to intensify.
    • A rush of warmth flowed through his body, and it quickly began to intensify, growing searingly hot.
    • This competition is intensifying with new countries entering the race for these people.
    • A new survey shows that banks are being forced to cut the margins they earn on loans as competition for customers intensifies.
    • As the competition intensifies to excel in information technology, the division will likely widen.
    • So, competition intensifies even before the next serious phase of education comes in.
    • Card companies have been cutting interest rates to attract new business as competition intensifies.
    • That competition has intensified with the arrival of the internet which has simplified the process of shopping around.
    • Analysts predict that US sanctions against Iraq will intensify and that a military campaign cannot be ruled out.
    • During the following month the pain in her arm began to intensify.
    • Gradually the relationship began to intensify and, in 1991, they married.
    • The transatlantic rivalry that has already begun will inevitably intensify.
    • And they did it at a time when competition was intensifying on a global scale.
    • Meantime, the competition is intensifying in the desert cities of the north.
    • As competition among companies intensifies, firms adopt aggressive marketing strategies to attract patients.
    • The Norwegian side is also interested in intensifying bilateral military cooperation with Russia.
    • To intensify the competition there will be status tables visible to everyone in an organisation.
    • This intensifies the competition among workers trying to get work, and lowers wages.
    • Labor is set to intensify attacks on housing affordability if interest rates go up on Wednesday.
  • 2

    (film/plate/image) reforzar
    • The researchers say that increasing the amount of zirconium may intensify the color.

verbo intransitivo intensifies, intensifying, intensified

  • 1

    (pain) agudizarse
    (pain) hacerse más intenso
    (search) intensificarse
    (fighting) recrudecer