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interceptor, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈsɛptər/ /ɪntəˈsɛptə/

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    interceptor masculino
    interceptador masculino
    • Approximately 4,600 small interceptors would be deployed in orbit, each capable of homing in on and destroying incoming hostile warheads.
    • There is also the issue that point short-range interceptors, when dealing with incoming missiles, are most effective when nuclear tipped.
    • ‘The ABM treaty is a relic of the past,’ Bush said, arguing in favour of a missile defence system of interceptors to protect against incoming missiles from ‘rogue’ states.
    • But he will say that the most ludicrous aspect of the system (namely, the petition interceptors whose mission was to reduce the number of registered petitioners) has been eliminated, or so it seems.
    • ‘These interceptors were situated only 30 ft from a home at Green Lane and were left without lids or protection,’ he remarked.
    • Various options are under consideration, including a land-based system of 100 interceptors that would be based in Alaska and guided by a long-range radar station in the Aleutian Islands.
    • Several Liberals pleaded with the prime minister to withhold Canadian backing of the plan, which involves planting missile interceptors in the U.S. and, eventually, abroad.
    • Mr Richards said: ‘The company was assured all drainage was connected to the interceptors.’
    • Among them was a ban on space-based interceptors.
    • Some experts argue for space versions of airborne lasers already under development, others for more conventional missile interceptors.
    • Well, the most salient fact about that missile test was that, like the more grandiose Pacific tests of the Star Wars interceptors, it was a failure.
    • I think that's quite a long way yet before we get to any decisions, if we ever do, about the location of interceptors.
    • Many of the big interceptors - drains that catch all the sewage before sending it to Beach Rd - had been struck by vandals in the past.
    • These sea-based interceptors are designed to knock out short to intermediate-range missiles closer to their launch pads.
    • If Britain were to agree, it would benefit from more effective radar warning systems, although there are no interceptors in Europe.
    • Additionally, if the 20 ground-based interceptors are to be useful, they will need to be mobile.
    • As well, oil and grit interceptors are to be placed in the parking lot to ensure storm water is dealt with appropriately.
    • They investigated the viability of an alternative approach to solving the network problem by providing an interceptor along the route of the proposed inner relief road.
    • Surface water will be intercepted and silt traps and an oil interceptor, if required, will be installed to prevent suspended solids and oil/diesel from machinery discharging to streams.
    • The interceptor is too slow to get anywhere near to a real intercontinental missile.