Translation of intercession in Spanish:


intercesión, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈsɛʃən/ /ˌɪntəˈsɛʃ(ə)n/

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    intercesión feminine
    intercession with sb for sb intercesión ante algn por / en favor de algn
    intercession with sb on behalf of sb intercesión ante algn por / en favor de algn
    • With peer intercession, colleagues of the same status level in the organization are chosen from that nurse's department or another unit.
    • Abduh was finally allowed back in Egypt in 1889, reportedly with Lord Cromer's intercession.
    • Ayyoub, however, eventually managed to join the theatre institute thanks to the timely intercession of an enlightened, artistic uncle who wrote poetry and published several collections.
    • But while Mandelson's intercession may have guaranteed Prescott the interim support of Brown, it inevitably increased the momentum against him.
    • They are entitled to expect the intervention and, if necessary, intercession of their local councillor to vindicate their rights.
    • The a la carte option is opposed by the U.S. cable industry and would require government intercession.
    • Returned home he relates the incident, and only through his mother's intercession escapes a thrashing from his honest father, for telling a lie.
    • In 1958, thanks to Charlton Heston's intercession, he was allowed to write and direct Touch of Evil.
    • To a certain extent that paves the way for the European Union to occupy the vacuum, but so far its attempts at intercession have cut little ice.
    • Many different stories circulated as to how this came about, the most famous involving the intercession of a certain ‘Lady Hope’.
    • It goes with the territory and I don't seek a particular intercession on his behalf in relation to criticism.
    • Besides Monferrato and parts of western Lombardy he received - through the intercession of the British negotiators - Sicily and the title of king that it conferred.
    • It was only after the intercession of Margaret Atwood and David Suzuki (among others) that finally, a place was found for Mathews at SFU in the Department of Canadian Studies.
    • ‘The Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death in Libya can only partially hope for the intercession of foreign leaders visiting Tripoli,’ the article said.
    • It equips them to communicate, to criticise, to escape, or to interpret scripture, all without the intercession of the master-class.
    • By this simple gesture I no longer belong to myself but am consecrated for the specific mission of being a woman of prayer and intercession for the Church.
    • We should resolve to maintain prayer as a priority, cultivating a spirit of intercession, praying over all we do.
    • Because of the doctrine of purgatory, the dead remained closely tied to the community of the living, linked by bonds of prayer and intercession.
    • She had already received last rights but was healed after prayers of intercession for her healing.
    • Had Moses' intercession brought bread from heaven and water from the rock?
    • The wedding feast at Cana teaches us the importance of intercession.
    • Who knows how many wounded hearts will be healed through our intercession?
    • He dies on the spot for his crime, but all see his soul ascend to heaven thanks to Brendan's intercession.
    • With his power and intercession, even when he seems distant, he is ready to help us carry our burdens.
    • People ask about the varieties of prayer: petition, thanksgiving, praise, and intercession.
    • The Calcutta archdiocese has sent the Vatican information on a supposedly miraculous cure through the intercession of Mother Teresa.
    • After we have prayed for ourselves, let's get into intercession for others!
    • People are still being cured through his intercession in ways that cannot be explained by medicine or science.
    • If the Vatican then confirms a miracle has occurred after John Paul's death thanks to his intercession, he can be beatified.
    • Every day I come across those who get on with the work that God has put them on earth to do without fussing, those who encourage, those who edify, those who live a life of intercession.
    • The intercession of a thousand journalists is heard as Vatican officials clarify earlier comments and insist the Pope is no closer to the Next Life than he was 24 hours ago.
    • Prayers and Masses sent her way (especially by any of you folk with a particular charism of intercession and healing) would be greatly appreciated!
    • If your gift is intercession or healing, she could sure use your charism right now.
    • On the periphery of my consciousness I could make out rows of weeping women throwing money and sprinkling rosewater at the tomb, while they made wishes, begged intercession for sick children, or just prayed.
    • It's entirely through St. Anne's intercession and God's protection that this house is standing and that I am still alive.