Translation of intercom in Spanish:


interfono, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪn(t)ərˌkɑm/ /ˈɪntəkɒm/

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  • 1

    (on plane, ship, in office)
    interfono masculine
    intercomunicador masculine
    • Some systems allow you to use another handset as the intercom instead of the base station.
    • It helps to have more than one communication system like intercoms, telephones and radios, according to Layne.
    • Could it be time to install two-way intercoms in all carriages, so that we can offer a cheery hello to the driver whenever we set foot on a train?
    • All apartments in Rosehaven come with Gold Shield electric heating, security intercoms and higher than average ceilings.
    • Tests were run over telephones and intercoms to determine optimum degrees of loudness for giving instructions and commands.
    • Simple communicators, baby-minders, intercoms, and toys can often be on the same frequencies.
    • Two pedestrian access gates are electronically controlled by intercoms in each apartment.
    • The Blue Hawk leader nodded solemnly and passed her the speaker for the intercom.
    • The voice of John's secretary came over the telephone intercom and he retreated behind his desk to take care of it.
    • The two of you communicate over an intercom, with the experimenter standing next to you.
    • A tall iron fence surrounds their house and electronic gates with an intercom are the only way in.
    • In the observation room, visitors can view the surgery on monitors and communicate with the surgical team through intercoms.
    • A moment later, the intercom chirped and a deeply gruff voice spoke from the speaker.
    • Each apartment has feature windows, security intercoms, fitted kitchens which include oven, hob and extractor fan, washer-dryer and fridge-freezer.
    • The Captain was just beginning to grow angry, when she remembered that all of the intercoms in both hangars frequently shorted out, due to the heavy fumes and chemicals present.
    • ‘Attention shoppers, the mall is now closing, the mall is now closing’ an announcing voice said from the intercoms.
    • All are double-glazed and have security intercoms.
    • Security is tight, with intercoms at entrances, high, enclosed fencing, and only stipulated adults are allowed to fetch children.
    • After the initial jolt, there was silence over the intercoms.
    • I think we should have intercoms between the cars.
  • 2US

    (at building entrance)
    portero eléctrico masculine
    portero automático masculine Spain
    interfón masculine Mexico
    intercomunicador masculine Venezuela