Traducción de interested en español:


interesado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪntrəstəd/ /ˈɪn(t)ərəstəd/ /ˈɪnt(ə)rɪstɪd/

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  • 1

    to be interested in sb/sth/-ing
    to be interested to + inf
    they seem very interested parecen estar muy interesados
    • would you be interested? ¿le interesaría?
    • sorry, I'm not interested lo siento, no me interesa / no tengo interés
    • anyone interested should see Miss Bush los interesados deben hablar con la señorita Bush
    • I'm going for a drink; anyone interested? voy a tomar algo ¿alguien se apunta?
    • The line of thought in which I am particularly interested is that concerning the nature of the union of soul and body.
    • I'm interested to hear any thoughts or answer any questions concerning this.
    • I've never seen them and I'm interested to hear what kind of noise they make.
    • We are interested to hear about day-to-day journeys as well as stories of exciting or unusual events.
    • I'd be really interested to hear what a proper historian makes of these books.
    • I would be very interested to hear what teenagers thought of this show, put it that way.
    • I was very interested to hear his interpretation and his views on the process.
    • I bet you never watched it out of curiosity because you are just not interested.
    • I'd be interested, Rosa, to hear whether this theory relates at all to your own motivations.
    • If you're interested, their current owners will be delighted to hear from you to arrange collection.
    • If you are interested please contact Peter or Denise at the Centre for further information.
    • But it is not only in the work of painters that the festival organisers are interested.
    • Again, anyone interested should book as soon as possible to avoid missing out.
    • Similar sessions will be open to all other interested council staff.
    • And I am not at all clear that the public would be terribly interested anyway.
    • I was interested though in the way bloggers have changed how news is reported.
    • The tributes on this page are well worth a read, if you're interested.
    • If people are interested, I'll stick up the March stats when they come in.
    • He said I should read his profile and give him a shout back if I was interested.
    • People are interested, thinking maybe there is a simple answer, maybe there is a formula.
  • 2

    interested party parte interesada
    • We have many interested parties already involved in many countries and on all continents.
    • There is no question of the involvement of the interested party assisting in that way.
    • All interested parents and guardians are asked to attend this meeting.
    • All former tennis club members and any other interested parties are asked to attend this meeting.
    • The report will be made available to the Midland Health Board and other interested parties.
    • That is why the council is presently consulting with all interested parties about what people want from a new building.
    • A request for time for consultation with interested parties was denied.
    • It is also vital that all interested political parties be allowed to be a part of the national conference.
    • All interested parties are asked to attend with a view to setting up a committee to organize and plan the same.
    • Invitations were extended to all town council members, adjoining owners and interested parties.
    • However he has posted details on the internet for interested parties.
    • We are conscious of taking into account all the information from all interested parties.
    • The sales team will now contact interested parties by telephone in order to sell the remaining properties.
    • However, for interested parties, he infers that he is willing to tell all.
    • A social evening is also part of the night and all interested parties are welcome.
    • But they stressed there was still a chance for interested parties to get in touch.
    • We want the interested parties to get together and talk about a way forward.
    • There are a lot of interested parties in terms of the Edinburgh property market.
    • He said this would be done by working with local authorities and interested parties.
    • The Home Secretary has appeared as an interested party to contest the allegation of incompatibility.