Translation of interlocutor in Spanish:


interlocutor, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈlɑkjədər/ /ˌɪntəˈlɒkjʊtə/

Definition of interlocutor in Spanish


formal, humorous
  • 1

    interlocutor masculine formal
    interlocutora feminine formal
    • But that's not what my interlocutors, particularly the German ones, really want.
    • This is why the current engagement between my interlocutors and myself is particularly valuable.
    • All of these narratives unfold partly as dialogues with what seem to be sympathetic but ineffectual interlocutors, perhaps lawyers.
    • The researchers constructed hypothetical conversations that differed in terms of their interlocutors, place, and topic.
    • This is the response I wrote to one of my interlocutors in the comments.