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intermedio, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmɪʃən/ /ɪntəˈmɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    Cine Música Teatro
    intermedio masculino
    intervalo masculino
    • A show is structured differently from a film, with an intermission planned in the middle.
    • Yet should one recommend a play for its intermission?
    • If one complaint can be made, it's the fact that an intermission had to be inserted smack dab in the middle of this blistering musical celebration.
    • Either it's an instant hit with playgoers or it leaves them scratching their head during intermission.
    • Refreshments will be available before and after the concert, and during intermission.
    • First onstage following the intermission was a single dancer wearing a flight attendant's uniform.
    • I am not quite sure what was Rose's dilemma; mine was whether or not to leave at intermission.
    • Grab your food and drink during commercials and leave your bathroom visits for intermissions or halftimes.
    • Usually the films are shown in Indian cinemas with a lengthy intermission between the two parts.
    • At the intermission, Murai came backstage and toweled off his glistening face.
    • Then, after the intermission, the curtain parted and The Band appeared.
    • And then, after the intermission, the puppets take the stage.
    • Sam could only guess the auditorium was packed, judging by the noise during intermissions.
    • At the intermission I asked my mum how she enjoyed it.
    • During intermission, Michael and Ashley visited the backstage area, where the musicians rested until the finale of the concert.
    • I only did that with 3 or 4 minutes left to go in the intermission.
    • During the intermission we both left the studio theatre for a jar and a smoke.
    • In the intermission of the premiere, the guests looked distinctly sheepish.
    • Remember how long movies used to have intermissions?
    • There in Germany, they still had intermissions for movies.
  • 2formal

    tregua femenino
    interrupción femenino
    • Vacation literally means an intermission, a period of rest, a break from routine, a time for recreation or a pause from work.
    • It is also important to leave time for discussion during the activity, through the use of predetermined or spontaneous pauses or intermissions.
    • You may have to take an intermission for a pee break around track 10, but if you crank it loud enough (which you'll want to) you won't miss a beat.
    • There were no regular time schedules for classes and no intermissions between them.
    • During the intermission you are considered to be a student of the university for the period of the intermission.
    • If you are a candidate for a doctoral degree or masters by research, you may apply for an intermission of studies.
    • Typically, approximately ten intermissions are produced each cycle having a duration of approximately 0.8 m seconds.
    • Students studying at Monash on a student visa can only apply for an intermission if they have a medical condition or there is a serious illness in the family.
    • You may wish to request a period of intermission from your course if you become ill and are unable to undertake your course.
    • Your intermission will not be approved until this has been done.