Translation of Internet in Spanish:


a Internet, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪn(t)ərˌnɛt/ /ˈɪntənɛt/


  • 1

    (access) (before noun) a Internet
    (auction/search) en Internet
    (account/address/user) de Internet
    the Internet (el / la) Internet
    • accessible via the Internet accesible por / a través de Internet
    • to be connected to / on the Internet estar conectado a Internet
    • to buy/find sth on the Internet comprar/encontrar algo en Internet
    • Internet business cibernegocio
    • Internet conferencing ciberconferencia
    • Internet marketplace cibermercado
    • Internet phone teléfono de Internet
    • Internet pornography pornografía por Internet
    • Internet shopper cibercomprador
      comprador de or por Internet
    • Internet shopping compras por Internet
    • Internet user cibernauta
      usuario de Internet
    • Whenever a user goes to a Web page on the Internet, a request for the page is sent to a server.
    • It will be a virtual network, living on top of the Internet, but it will grow very rapidly.
    • As with any network service you should only expose it to the Internet if you need to.
    • After all, a hyperlink is merely a road marker on the Internet, and can never be unlawful.
    • Most mail traffic is never encrypted as it traverses its way around the Internet.
    • After months of dormancy a mass mailing email worm has exploded onto the Internet.
    • There will also be better information on the Internet to attract suitable workers.
    • Americans may soon be able to offer a kidney or liver over the Internet if a New York senator gets his way.
    • What is this decision that threatens to wipe out the Internet in one fell swoop?
    • It was a rude awakening for me when you mentioned the threat of of the Internet becoming a one way medium.
    • The general election is hotting up and the Internet will play a big part in it.
    • The Judge will also permit the video testimony to be distributed via the Internet.
    • It connects to the Internet via a mobile phone, and the feature list rolls onward.
    • Anyway, this sort of weirdness is what makes the Internet great, and we wish them well.
    • It is widely known that the Internet is used as a testing ground for stolen cards and card numbers.
    • The site has been up for less than 2 weeks and has already caused a storm on the Internet.
    • Being able to use the Internet from anywhere in or around your house is fantastic.
    • What it manifestly fails to realise is that the Internet is a huge marketing tool.
    • It aims to help children understand the benefits of the Internet and browse safely.
    • The one major problem with the Internet for such schemes is the sheer size of it.