Traducción de intertwine en español:


entrelazarse, v.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈtwaɪn/ /ɪntəˈtwʌɪn/

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verbo intransitivo

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    (fingers/plants) entrelazarse
    (paths/destinies) entrecruzarse
    • They can, for example, perform one kind of task at one end and another kind at the other; they can coil and curl and intertwine with other molecules, creating no end of features and properties.
    • It's intertwined with ornamental gardens of bright flowers, rainforest species and native trees.
    • But this was fuchsia, big as you please, escaped from Irish gardens to the roadsides to intertwine with native brambles in tangled hedgerows.
    • The scenery couldn't match what had come earlier and, as the trail began to intertwine with a disused railway line, so the signs disappeared.
    • Their lips slowly finally touched as Kevin's other hand intertwined with her dark hair.
    • The swing was in font of a beautiful lattice, with white roses that intertwined with the pale wood.
    • So we continued to sit together on the couch, my arm wrapped around her shoulder and my fingers intertwined with hers.
    • It had a deep green ivy leaf made of metal intertwined with vines and leaves.
    • Anna turned to see her son standing beside the blonde beauty, her hand intertwined with his.
    • The three of them skated for two hours, with Jax in the middle and his arm intertwined with a girl on each side.
    • His hand trailed to the nape of her neck and intertwined with her long black hair.
    • Carved feline figures stretched out along the arches, intertwined with one another.
    • Her fingers intertwined with the edge of my shirt as she pulled me closer with her free arm.
    • These irregular metal components encourage bony ingrowth, allowing a patient's bone cells to intertwine with the irregular metal finish, which holds the implants securely in place.
    • The connections between the roots and shoots can be hard to see, because even as they are separate from each other, they overlap and intertwine with other roots and shoots.
    • I see his long legs that so perfectly intertwine with mine.
    • These junctions are cunningly woven: the twin strands go separate ways along different edges, where they intertwine with new strands.
    • I felt his fingers intertwine with mine for the second time that day.
    • I feel a hand slide down my arm and fingers intertwine with mine, and I look over to see Amanda standing beside me.
    • He felt her fingers intertwine with his as he started placing light kisses along her jaw again.
    • In the commission to Delaroche, both historical and familial aspects were closely intertwined.
    • It is interesting how nowadays the two worlds of pop music and politics are closely intertwined.
    • Both tendencies are closely intertwined but they often contradict each other.
    • Mind, body and spirit are closely intertwined, and good health depends on keeping things on an even keel.
    • This is neither surprising or unique, as nation and state have been closely intertwined concepts in the modem world.
    • Church and state are closely intertwined in England, unlike in the United States.
    • Thus began my journey into astrology - a journey where law and astrology have been closely intertwined.
    • The two are intertwined, but I'll concentrate here on the Greek side of the story.
    • The impediments are a complex mix of political and economic power intertwined with issues of culture and ethnicity.
    • It's of huge importance whether the Judicial system is separate to or intertwined with the legislative and executive systems.
    • Neither is freely available against an enemy intertwined with civilian women and children, their schools and hospitals.
    • America's economy and interests are too deeply intertwined with the rest of the world to permit withdrawal.
    • It is clear that Olympic success is based upon ability intertwined with a bit of luck.
    • Calls for peace intertwine with calls for arms.
    • We are interconnected and intertwined with all of nature and with each other.
    • In no other situation is the contemplation of living and dying so intertwined with love and sex.
    • Once again we see how the fortunes of modern European science intertwined with the vicissitudes of colonial expansion.
    • In the real world, profits and losses are almost always intertwined with interest returns.
    • In this case, media operations become intertwined with psychological warfare.
    • She also tries to ignore the constant memories of her mother, which again intertwine with her social consciousness.

verbo transitivo

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    (fingers) entrelazar
    with flowers intertwined in her hair con flores entretejidas en el pelo
    • our future is irrevocably intertwined with that of … nuestro futuro está irrevocablemente ligado a …