Translation of into in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɪntu/ /ˈɪn(t)ə/ /ˈɪntʊ/ /ˈɪntə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(indicating motion, direction)

      to get into bed meterse en la cama
      • to walk into a building entrar en un edificio
      • to translate sth into Spanish traducir algo al español
      • we drove into town fuimos a la ciudad en coche
      • they helped him into the chair lo ayudaron a sentarse en el sillón
      • she sat staring into space estaba sentada mirando al vacío
      • she dived into the pool se tiró a la piscina
      • I dropped a coin into the water dejé caer una moneda en el agua
      • the cat shot up into the air el gato salió volando por los aires
      • pour the milk into a bowl pon / echa la leche en un bol
      • the dog sank its teeth into my leg el perro me clavó los dientes en la pierna
      • a journey into the future un viaje al futuro
      • The first thing that strikes you when you walk through the door into the cafe is the charming decor.
      • She also said that she missed being able to walk out and jump into the swimming pool at her house.
      • The conman stepped into the hall saying he was from the police and walked straight into the living room.
      • I want to go home… to go stand on the roof and then walk downstairs and crawl into bed.
      • Just as I was walking back into the sitting room I heard something that shocked me to my core.
      • The beach loungers are well spaced apart and you can walk straight into the sea.
      • She often walked deep into the woods behind our house by herself, carrying a handsaw.
      • She unbarred the front door and walked out into the cool air, glad to be out of the building.
      • He walked back into the shack and emerged a few moments later with a bottle of water.
      • Gordon walked out into the hall and took his long leather coat from the rail.
      • She stood up and walked down the hall into the living room where he would be waiting.
      • He shook his head and smiled as he walked back into the bedroom to grab his wallet and keys.
      • He turned as well and with his hand resting on his sword he walked off into the crowd.
      • Once they finished they walked back into the dressing room and just grabbed their stuff.
      • She walked back into the flat and then returned with a girl slightly younger than Laura.
      • With one last glance at her retreating back, he turned and walked back into the house.
      • I walked stiffly into the lounge and had the sudden urge to have a boiling hot bath.
      • I walked back into the room and sat on the bed, trying to put all the facts together.
      • She stood up and walked back into the small house, which she shared with her mother.
      • Compressed air is being pumped into the area through the hole.

    • 1.2(against)

      she walked into a tree se dio contra un árbol
      • he drove into the other car chocó con el otro coche
      • Their call for action follows an incident last weekend where a car crashed into the wall of a house.
      • A woman had a lucky escape when a car crashed into her kitchen just a few feet from where she was sitting.
      • A young couple living in one of the cottages were asleep when the car crashed into their home.
      • In Hadleigh, she put her foot down and crashed into a car with the schoolboy inside.
      • A woman has told how her family had a lucky escape as a car crashed into her house.
      • He crashed into a car and was seen wielding a sword as he headed down the dual carriageway on foot.
      • An overturned car which crashed into a van and a fence was believed to have been stolen.
      • The towrope snapped, and the towed car veered across the road before crashing into the side of the bus.
      • A woman died on a North Yorkshire road after the car in which she was travelling crashed into a fence.
      • The car mounted a pavement, crashed into the side of a dry cleaning shop then hit a lamppost in May last year.
      • She also crashed into two lampposts, a shop front and two adjoining cars in the process.
      • Police said the car had left the road and crashed into the tree on the side of the A420.
      • Then they had to land somewhere where a baggage truck crashed into the side of the plane.
      • He died at the scene, crashing into a concrete shop canopy before landing on the pedestrian area.
      • The helicopter he was flying reportedly hit power lines then crashed into a house on the lake shore.
      • The windscreen cracked and the elephant came forward again, crashing into the door.
      • I was dragged along underneath it and it mounted the pavement and crashed into a garden wall.
      • The ambulance crashed on to a freight line and at no time was there any likelihood a train would crash into it.
      • There was a collision and the forklift crashed into the central reservation barrier.
      • Mr Holmes was sent flying into shelves by the blow and needed hospital treatment for his injuries.

    • 1.3Mathematics

      3 into 15 goes / is 5 15 dividido (por) 3 / entre 3 es 5
      • In the event of victory, the two agreed to the division of the peninsula into four states.
      • Equal tempering is a system for breaking up each octave into twelve equal semi-tones.
      • If enough teams apply, the second division will be split into a Conference North and South.
      • In essence the year is split into four equal seasons, each lasting 91 days plus a bit.
      • Division of subzones into zonules is the ultimate expression of such patterns.
      • The section is now so huge that it needs to be split into five big electronics divisions.
      • Turkey invaded the island and brought about its present division into two parts.
      • Thus, a law of this nature may in no way serve as a basis for a division of society into classes.
      • British settlement led to the internal division of the continent into colonies.
      • Its symbolism is partly derived from the fact that a square aspect is a division of the whole chart into four.
      • The curve may be used for dividing an angle into any number of equal parts.
      • They agree to split the coconuts into five equal integer lots, any remainder going to the monkey.
      • If we divide each day into 24 equal hours, the length of a second will vary from day to day.
      • Divide the mane into equal sections and damp each section before you start plaiting.
      • The size of the demonstration meant that it split into several different routes.

  • 2

    (in time, distance)
    ten minutes into the game a los diez minutos de empezar el partido
    • they talked far into the night hablaron hasta bien entrada la noche
    • they penetrated deep into the jungle entraron en el corazón de la selva
    • the project is well into its third year el proyecto ya está bien adentrado en su tercer año
    • His skill was in caricatures, a route which led him into a career as a political cartoonist.
    • One route into the industry is to become a camera trainee on a feature film.
    • However the journey times of routes into London from the North, East and South all fell.
    • If you turn that into a route into town that will not be possible to handle.
    • Labour wanted to tackle the shortage by creating more flexible routes into teaching.
    • The park and ride service will be well signposted on all routes into the town.
    • A main route into the city has been named the worst litter black spot by thousands of residents.
    • The area is on one of the main routes into town and has now been transformed.
    • This was a fine service on a quicker and less congested route into the city's business heart.
    • It is on one of the main routes into Sheffield and I would have thought it would improve the area.
    • The main routes into Bolton are the main problem areas, where publicity is at a maximum.
    • Traffic tailed back along a main route into York after a huge crane got stuck at a busy junction today.
    • Theres a road here called the Wellingborough Road, which is also a main route into a busy town center.
    • This position was important because it controlled the route south into the centre of France.
    • So the theme that understanding requires love to attain its end merges by this route into theology.
    • This would make a great value system for someone looking for a fast route into editing digital video.
    • The journey takes you half a mile along a cactus-lined track, and into a village.
    • It is hoped to erect the memorial at the lych gate, which leads into the grounds of the Holy Cross Church.
    • The pipe is also being laid at the moment along the main road into the village of The Neale.
    • Several streets and main roads leading into the city were blocked as black smoke rose from the fires.
  • 3

    (indicating result of action)
    we split into two groups nos dividimos en dos grupos
    • roll the dough into a ball haga una bola con la masa
    • the snowman had melted into a puddle el muñeco de nieve había quedado convertido en un charco
    • the colors had merged into a muddy gray los colores se habían mezclado y había quedado un gris sucio
    • don't let it boil into a mush no dejes que hierva hasta convertirse en puré
    • This is where a manager uses all sorts of subterfuge to entice a player into leaving his present club.
    • Some are genuinely injured, while others are cowed into submission by their clubs.
    • While we were in France, we were tricking her into walking the odd step on her own.
    • Stephenson fully admits that she had to push her husband into confronting his family with the truth.
    • Some of them will be there hoping to force world leaders into a change of direction.
    • It is only the first of many sequences that jolts and stuns you into full attention over a two hour running time.
    • Widespread outrage in Nigeria prompted the government into launching an inquiry.
    • The food grows so well here that Robyn has plans to turn the surfeit into jams and pickles to sell from the Cascina.
    • Vegetables are dried or pickled and fruits are also dried, candied, or made into jams.
    • People turn into snails and violent and gruesome deaths seem to be the only way to escape the grisly vortex.
    • Alcohol wrecks lives and families and too often transforms people into violent thugs.
    • He began life in a violent way but has learnt to channel that physical violence into creative energy.
    • Valerie said Haworth was transformed by the film crew into a working Victorian village.
    • The plan is to change the village into a place where artists can work, free of charge.
    • Gravity makes the ice crystals fall and the winds blow them into the distinctive hook shape.
    • It started out as a thriller, morphed into action and towards the end tried to be a comedy.
    • This model works in the first half but it does unravel into messy pretentiousness towards the end.
    • Somehow, this small step in the right direction has metamorphosed into a mighty triumph.
    • It's just the stress factor of having to deal with people who panic and turn a minor itch into a full blown crisis.
    • I have no interest in turning myself into an opinionated commentator on the world's news.
    • They are all interested in the arts and would like to find a way to turn their interest into a job.
    • The plans concern the ground flood of the building which would be turned into a snooker club with a bar.
    • If anything it looked like a textbook attempt to turn the club into a contender.
    • When the band finished the disco started and it turned into a regular club night.
    • Sasha liked the record so much that in a rare studio sortie he's turned it into an essential club item.
    • He believes they have the mental toughness to turn their new club into champions.
    • Foreign coaches had come before and tried to turn their clubs into foreign clubs.
  • 4informal

    (involved in)
    to be into sth/-ing
  • 5informal

    (indebted to)
    to be into sb for sth deberle algo a algn