Translation of invention in Spanish:


invento, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/ /ɪnˈvɛnʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(device, machine)

      invento masculine
      • Utility patents - unlike design or plant patents - are granted for inventions of machines, processes, and products.
      • A shame since it includes the weapons, sabotage devices and other inventions which undoubtedly frustrated the German forces.
      • In the EU, he says, IBM is one of the strongest supporters of the proposed directive on computer implemented inventions, a very controversial piece of legislation.
      • Among his many inventions was an elegant device for pumping water uphill for irrigation purposes.
      • Businesses are facing an increasing risk of having their ideas, inventions, systems and processes stolen, which could cost them thousands of pounds and in some cases cause serious damage.
      • All our devices and inventions will fail us if there is a collapse of the human spirit.
      • To do this, we identified approximately 2,400 distinct patent classes that contained semiconductor product, device, and design inventions.
      • Patents protect underlying ideas of useful inventions and processes, such as a chemical reaction or an inventive mechanical device.
      • As with many modern inventions, Lawton's device was a culmination of ideas and experimentation involving many people.
      • But don't destroy their good inventions in the process.
      • At the same time, scientists make laboratory use of many of these same technical inventions: transistors, computer hardware, and gene guns, for example.
      • The hook details the trail of specific inventions; filters, electronic pattern recognition, artificial intelligence.
      • Among his many inventions was a machine gun so overburdened with gadgets that it was unsuitable for any purpose other than mechanical curiosity.
      • His inventions include an electronic microinjection device and a flexible substrate for cell culture.
      • He produced all sorts of inventions, including an electric device for locating metal in human tissue.
      • The agricultural world also had its contributions to the list of medieval inventions.
      • The parallel inventions of lifts and mechanical air-conditioning in the building industry allowed the vertical stacking of patient accommodation atop podiums.
      • When people talk about humanity's greatest achievements, they tend to reel off useful inventions like the wheel, vaccination and rockets.
      • Masterful with machinery, he patented several mechanical inventions which had varying degrees of viability.
      • Like most scientific inventions, television can be a double-edged weapon.

    • 1.2(devising)

      invención feminine
      • Artistic pursuit can come in many forms such as research, invention, poetry or painting.
      • Very much like the issuance of a patent by the US Patent Office on any crazy notion, implies that the idea, invention, process, actually exists or works?
      • Thomas Edison's first invention was a tabulation device that showed visitors to a state legislature exactly how lawmakers were voting on every bill.
      • To him, the process of invention seems the best possibility for mankind, no matter how harebrained, unreasonable or hilarious the scheme.
      • By far his most successful invention was the process which bears his name for making steel - previously an expensive material in short supply - available in bulk.
      • As a starting point for the process of invention he began with a kernel of fact, often based on a highly selective response to the archaeological data.
      • It is the step or process of the claimed invention.
      • He hoped that his new invention would speed the process of her recovery.
      • The device of this invention comprises a optoelectronic element, a cover, and an adhesive.
      • It used to be a real problem to refine sugar before his invention made the process simpler and more profitable.
      • Two friends clash over what to do with their latest invention - a device which allows time travel over short periods.
      • In accordance with the present invention a filtering process is based on the output side of a multimedia decoder.
      • Another great piece of work was his invention of harmonic measure in 1936.
      • The promotion of renewable energy resources and energy conservation through technological invention provides one example of success.
      • The present invention relates to a method of measuring motion of an object such as a heart by magnetic resonance imaging.
      • The washing machine emerged as listeners' favourite technological invention for the home.
      • The movement to merge art with daily social life is the legacy of the revolutionary avant-garde, a legacy that is bound to the rise of technological invention in modern society.
      • Church elders speak with pride of the 403 toilets and, in particular, of their own invention, a machine capable of dispensing 40 cups of communion wine every two seconds.
      • The cobbler's work became easier with Lyman Reed Blake's invention of a sewing machine that sewed the soles of shoes to their upper parts in 1858.
      • The internet is a significant technological invention, on par with the Gutenburg press.

  • 2

    • 2.1(imagination)

      (powers of) invention inventiva
      • a masterpiece of invention una obra maestra de la invención / de la imaginación

    • 2.2 formal (fabrication)

      invención feminine
      • When it turned out that the motorcycle story was an invention, they were even less pleased about this fantasy Web site.
      • The legend of Robin Hood, inventions or stories on which intellectual property protections have lapsed, and the Linux operating system are simply not cases of ownership at all.
      • Sure it might be about identity as ‘an invention based on myths and half-truths’, but is also typical of most video art - boring.
      • But so what if their stories are inventions that have been thoroughly discredited?
      • Or was the latest story a pure invention to enable the government to avoid Washington's displeasure?
      • The invention, the story, the gags make it all irresistible and completely satisfying.
      • Different writers define memes in different ways, but they include ideas, skills, habits, inventions, stories, you name it.
      • A hunter of big names, he hungered to become one himself, and won through the invention of his fairy tales.
      • If the invention of such a story would be possible, it would have been imitated many, many times; one just can't invent such a story and get away with it.
      • Tolkien was more preoccupied with his invention of an artificial mythology than with character development.
      • He seduces us easily with the mythology of their marriage, its collaborative fictional invention.

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    invención feminine
    • At least a few of Bach's two-part inventions are well-known to beginning piano students, general media consumers and, sadly, cell-phone users.
    • Bach wrote a number of 2-part and 3-part Inventions for keyboard.