Translation of inventory in Spanish:


inventario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnvənˌtɔri/ /ˈɪnv(ə)nt(ə)ri/

Definition of inventario in Spanish

nounplural inventories

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    • 1.1(list)

      inventario masculine
      to draw up an inventory of sth hacer (un) inventario de algo
      • About 6 per cent of the slaves listed as sick in inventories of sugar properties suffered from cansaço or exhaustion.
      • Intranets tie machines together, network storage provides repositories for data and information, and system inventories and file indexes list available resources.
      • Such pieces are sometimes tantalisingly listed in inventories, but specific descriptive information about their precise shape, size, decoration, and origins is rarely provided.
      • She suggested to Irving that he might be able to buy the plates, since they were not listed on the archive inventories.
      • Calgary Heritage Authority has done an inventory of heritage buildings and there are 425 on the list.
      • The items from free listing give researchers basic inventories of the contents of cultural domains.
      • Today examples are frequently referred to as cellarets, but period inventories list them as gin cases, brandy cases, bottle cases, or cases of bottles.
      • The tidy inventory of his property functioned as a dual hit list and memorial roster when mounted on a large wall at the emporium's entrance.
      • Group members started walking regularly throughout the neighbourhood with notepads, maintaining an up-to-date inventory of abandoned buildings.
      • As part of the architectural conservation area, a full inventory of buildings with the area would be carried out with guidelines prepared as to their proper repair or restoration.
      • Commenting on the trust inherited by Alexander, she claimed that the family had been denied an inventory of its contents.
      • The bed and four matching chairs were the most expensive items in the mansion in an inventory of its contents in 1694.
      • He explained that they were required to make a full inventory of the contents.
      • But Cozza also painted landscapes with no history subject, as the various ‘landscapes’ with no theme recorded in the inventory of his property after his death show.
      • Can building equipment inventories be tied to maintenance records?
      • The paintings listed in the inventory would likely have been displayed on specific ritual occasions.
      • In fact, after about 1640, works of art listed in probate inventories increasingly were identified by the name of the artist rather than by subject matter.
      • A great many inventories explicitly list ‘one of ye Queens armes,’ which officially still belonged to the government.
      • If you wish, you may stop at any time, save your answers, and return at a later time to complete the inventory.
      • The National Pollutant Release Inventory is a legislated, nation-wide, publicly-accessible inventory of pollutants released, disposed of and recycled by facilities in Canada.

    • 1.2(stocktaking)

      inventario masculine
      closed for inventory cerrado por inventario

    • 1.3(stock)

      existencias feminine
      estoc masculine
      stock masculine
      (control) (before noun) de existencias
      • Burned in recent years by huge unsold inventories of movie merchandise and fearful of the slowing economy, everyone from toymakers and retailers to moviemakers has cut back.
      • At the same time, we've also observed an increase in both the quality and quantity of the inventory of regional sound rental companies.
      • Even as retailers and wholesale distributors built up inventories, factory stockpiles so far this year are down at a 4.4% annual rate.
      • We carry a huge inventory of brand name brass, bullets, primers, powder and reloading accessories.
      • He put the screws to suppliers to lower costs and streamlined supply chains to cut inventories by an average of 30%.
      • With the decline in prices of flat liquid crystal display screens, Sony has been left with a large inventory of unsold CRT monitors.
      • Nothing sits for long: The booming reseller typically turns its inventory over in less than 20 days.
      • Our major customers cut back on their inventory and projections.
      • The loss of double-digit stock gains slowed consumer spending from its boom times of the late 1990s, leading to excess inventories and cutbacks in factory output.
      • But it was the 2.8% drop in retailers' inventories, reflecting a steep decline in autos, that told the story.
      • As a result, the ratio of inventories to shipments has fallen to levels not seen since the boom year of 1999.
      • The combination of strong demand and cautious ordering has left some retailers short of inventories.
      • A grape glut caused by overplanting in headier times is raising inventories and igniting price wars.
      • By 1683, the committee was able to reconcile shipments, with inventories and trade, and asked why certain quantities were being requested.
      • You control the inventory, you control the way that inventory is merchandised to your customers, you control the way the salespeople are trained.
      • Interestingly, during the past three months, wholesale inventories have risen twice as fast as nonauto retail stockpiles.
      • So far, the resilience of household spending has cushioned some of the blows from a sharp cutback in capital spending and the largest liquidation of inventories in the postwar period.
      • This holiday season, for instance, increased demand and leaner inventories should allow stores to avoid a repeat of last year's rampant discounting.
      • In that environment, limited, just-in-time inventories of critical medical supplies are the exact opposite of what we would need.
      • Wu said that retailers' inventories piled up significantly in June because of slower-than-expected consumer demand.

transitive verb inventories, inventorying, inventoried

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    hacer (un) inventario de