Translation of investment bank in Spanish:

investment bank

banco de negocios, n.


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    banco de negocios masculine
    • The investment bank also benefits from the additional fees it earns for stabilising the stock.
    • One of my brightest - and wealthiest - friends is a big hitter in an American investment bank.
    • If a manager thinks a stock might fall in value, he can borrow shares from an investment bank and sell them.
    • The investment bank wrote off $807 million stemming from the bankruptcy of the company.
    • An investment bank's ranking is based on a total of debt, equity and municipal bond transactions.
    • Increased competition does not make selecting a global investment bank any easier.
    • It is now up to the partners who no longer work at the investment bank to consider the details.
    • By the time he was 30, he had moved to Canada and was a partner in Yorkton Securities, a small investment bank in Canada.
    • The investment bank forecasts that British shares could rack up one of their worst annual performances for 100 years.
    • Part of the problem downtown is that many of the buildings unaffected do not fit the requirements of a modern investment bank.
    • For an investment bank expert in venture capital, nothing has been ventured here and nothing gained.
    • A bid from an investment bank is seen as a possibility.
    • SWISS-owned investment bank Warburg Dillon Read is set to announce it is establishing a major new operation in Scotland.
    • Solomon Smith Barney, an investment bank, is winding up its New Delhi office.
    • Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, offers covered warrants that allow you to bet on the Halifax house-price index.
    • Merrill Lynch, an investment bank, highlights a number of stocks.
    • He was a retired journalist who had been posted to London in the Seventies as information officer for a Yugoslav investment bank.
    • The remaining cash will go to the American investment bank Goldman Sachs, which has a small stake in Eircom.
    • Swiss investment bank Vontobel came out against the deal, saying it made little strategic sense.
    • The German investment bank WestLB is also reported to be interested.