Translation of involve in Spanish:


suponer, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɑlv/ /ɪnˈvɒlv/

Definition of suponer in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(entail, comprise)

      how much work/time would it involve? ¿cuánto trabajo/tiempo supondría?
      • this change will involve a lot of extra work este cambio va a significar / suponer mucho trabajo extra
      • what exactly does your work involve? ¿en qué consiste exactamente tu trabajo?
      • what's involved here is a matter of principle se trata de una cuestión de principios
      • whenever there's money involved siempre que hay dinero de por medio
      • It was a workload which included every aspect of the job and even involved coverage of sport.
      • This result does not involve any unconstitutional border crossing by the court.
      • Several factors are involved, including increasing drink prices and the ban on smoking in bars.
      • Both burials appear to have involved ceremonies which included setting fires and placing offerings.
      • So she has embarked on three jobs involving working seven days a week and some evenings in order to find the cash.
      • Sarah has been working at West Mid for the past 13 years and her job involves a variety of tasks.
      • He drives a lorry and one of his jobs involves taking stuff people put in recycling bins.
      • Ian thinks being an estate agent is not a nine to five job and the work involves long hours and weekends.
      • I am not aware of having injured my back but my job does involve occasional lifting and bending.
      • Yet at Tynecastle he knows his first job will involve the hand of friendship, not the iron fist.
      • Conceivably, any job involving high levels of interpersonal contact may lead to burnout.
      • He has recently gained a promotion and his new job will involve no overseas travel.
      • A lot of it involved going around the globe looking for cataloguing details of various books.
      • Liz was a management consultant, a job which involved a great deal of travel, particularly to the United States.
      • Economic integration involves links between the economies of a group of countries.
      • Payment of a penalty involves no admission of guilt or record of criminal conviction.
      • It can involve a lot of hassle and it is our job as a company to take the pain out of the process.
      • This will involve full assessment, usually including an X-ray of the affected leg.
      • This exercise has necessarily involved a piecemeal analysis of the factual and expert evidence.
      • Kniffin adds that he hopes these findings may encourage the consumers of this information to rethink the value of cosmetic surgery, especially if it involves risk.

    • 1.2(affect, concern)

      where national security is involved … cuando se trata de la seguridad nacional …
      • don't you realize it's my reputation that's involved here? ¿no te das cuenta de que es mi reputación lo que está en juego?

  • 2

    to involve sb in sth/-ing implicar / involucrar a algn en algo
    darle participación a algn en algo
    • She made false allegations to police that they were involved in criminal activity and she also claimed he had threatened to kill her.
    • Do you often find yourself involved in a situation without having planned it at all?
    • He fell into fast company and before long, found himself involved in illegal activities.
    • That can be difficult, particularly if the parent has been involved in difficult domestic situations.
    • So it was like a small number of people who are involved in this terrorist activity.
    • Helen was a very quiet and gently person and was deeply involved in parish activities.
    • It might be an individual or a local farmers group or a religious or community group which is involved in the activity.
    • He was wheeled up from Casualty under Police guard, as he was alleged to be involved in criminal activity.
    • Over the years, the inmates have been involved in other activities as well.
    • I do remember that my sister and I were involved in somewhat questionable activities.
    • Ivanov also rejected allegations that he was involved in criminal activities.
    • I mean the club certainly makes enough money without having to be involved in such activities.
    • He said the individuals who were involved in these activities had to stop before lives were lost.
    • This could apply even if the individual is involved in commercial activities abroad.
    • In a statement he claimed that Majid is deeply involved in the militancy activities.
    • He admitted to have been involved in shooting activities but he said he never bought any of his own.
    • According to evidence gathered by police and immigration officers, many had been involved in criminal activity.
    • By contrast, Iris reveals an apparent indifference to the grisly activities she is involved in.
    • We were both involved in activities at church and we were thrust together more often then not.
    • Those of us who were involved in these activities in the Vietnam War era know that this will work.
  • 3involved past participle

    • 3.1

      to be/get involved in sth
      • I was involved in an accident last year
      • whenever there's an argument in the family, he has to get involved
      • several high-ranking officials were involved in the affair
      to be/get involved with sb/sth
      • the people you're involved with
      • how did you get involved with people like them?

    • 3.2

      to be involved in sth estar absorto / enfrascado en algo
      estar ocupado con algo
      to be/get involved with sb/sth estar dedicado/dedicarse a algn/algo

      • he's very involved with his new show at the moment
      • I'm not smart enough to do crossword puzzles, so I'm very involved in the politics and governance of this place.
      • Doubt I would have been involved in politics if I had been around then.
      • Philip Hendry had been involved in local politics almost since the time Jill and I came to Bedford thirty years ago.
      • Bishops, priests and nuns, both Rwandese and foreign, were involved in Rwanda's politics.
      • They have had families and know what it's like being involved in politics.
      • But it was always the statistics that made it clear to me why I was involved in the politics of it all.
      • Chamberlain was suddenly thrust into a position which required him to be involved in European politics.
      • He was heavily involved in medical politics, and served on several committees.
      • They tell the rebels they cannot be involved in the politics of our country.
      • Farr-Jones now lives and works in Sydney, where he is also involved in local politics.
      • Prior to the criminalisation of cocaine and opium, organised crime had no reason to be involved in the drugs trade.
      • Out political leaders seem to be drawing up a list of people and principles that shouldn't be involved in politics.
      • Police believe the change will help them track aggressive beggars and those who might be involved in more serious crime.
      • She says she knew Danny was involved in drugs, lured into dealing at a young age by the designer clothes and money which came with it.
      • I know that when I was at school I was involved in lots of sports and when I left everything stopped.
      • She added that her daughter was clean living and that there was no suggestion she was involved in the drug scene.
      • I would impose restrictions on those suspected of being involved in organised crime.
      • He's never been involved in the drugs scene at all and he's not a drug user himself.
      • He is involved in a lot of things in South Africa such as the Black Economic Improvement Movement.
      • It's not considered uncool or in some way shifty to be involved in politics, which is probably a healthy thing.

    • 3.3(emotionally)

      to be/get involved with sb
      • she's involved with a married man
      • she doesn't want to get too involved with him
      • Is it different when you are emotionally involved with the person you are producing?
      • This is the first time that he has been involved with such an emotional and grand project.
      • 100 pages into a book, you should be emotionally involved with the characters to some extent.
      • I have never knowingly had a friend who was sexually involved with a married man.
      • She also wrote in what must have seemed at the time in an unwomanly way, not being emotionally involved with her characters.
      • He said his wife had loved being involved with people and with the community.
      • But if you can be friends with people you got involved with emotionally, that's got to be better than not.
      • Anyway, I am about the last person who should be emotionally involved with anyone right now.
      • These findings indicate that we had been successful in recruiting people who were closely involved with the dying patient.
      • Louie wasn't able to drive it, but he lived his dream in bringing up his brother and the other people he's been involved with.
      • How many of those have you been personally involved with or have first hand information about?
      • I think actors and people who are involved with a lifelong commitment understand that you have to fail sometimes.
      • They did not want to be involved with me in a romantic relationship.
      • I mean these are a great bunch of people, very talented people to be involved with.
      • Possibly, when Amber takes the stand as to why she was involved with a married man.
      • The people I'm involved with seem really inspired by the music, which isn't easy to find.
      • The people that's been involved with that sort of situation in the past.
      • She estimates that most of us are emotionally involved with five or six old loves at the same time.
      • Few of the women he was involved with seem to bear him a lasting grudge, however - or to have minded his eccentric, hobo ways.