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irremediable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪ(r)rəˈdiməb(ə)l/ /ɪrɪˈdiːməb(ə)l/

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    • 1.1

      (loss/damage/error) irremediable
      (loss/damage/error) irreparable
      • He can drop back down to Austin and tap one of the truly irredeemable die-hards on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
      • He remains curiously aloof and is one of the writer's greatest challenges - a man who can't be reached: unconvinced, irredeemable.
      • But then again, maybe I'm just an irredeemable optimist.
      • Gollum is ugly, scrawny, cunning, sneaky - and, by the time The Return of the King starts, completely irredeemable.
      • The winner of their meeting at Templeville Road tomorrow evening will enhance their own position and deal an irredeemable blow to the losers.
      • Though he might be tarnished slightly in his home state, this is far from irredeemable, and he is well liked and respected nationally.
      • Sadly for the whole decade white American pop/rock was pretty much the aforementioned irredeemable disaster.
      • My other reaction to the post is how quick we are as Christians to write someone off as irredeemable, as if we make that decision.
      • For the latter, the act is unforgivable and the perpetrator irredeemable.
      • But guitar lessons weren't much better than my irredeemable attempts to learn the recorder.
      • This ensured that the majority of children got a decent education; the flip side was that it left the irredeemable to pursue a murderous path through their neighbourhood
      • Golub describes them as his ‘most austere, irredeemable, and existentially fatalistic works’.
      • But Ambler's cynics are irredeemable, whereas Furst's are usually amenable to a little persuasion.
      • More often than not, tribute albums are irredeemable junk.
      • It's all a pity, because Elvis' reputation might be irredeemable by now.
      • Partly, this was because she was a genius, and her work made irredeemable confetti of a lot of little worldviews.
      • Dark, menacing, confusing, oppressive - I won't go on - it's irredeemable in my book.
      • So how do you distinguish the redeemable from the irredeemable?
      • The Hyatt is a tour-guided pilgrim's hotel of irredeemable ghastliness.
      • In reality, pathologically murderous tyrants are fairly irredeemable.
      • Pibs are irredeemable shares that pay a fixed rate of interest.
      • Fraught bond negotiations concluded with the trustees selling 7.3 per cent thirty-year irredeemable gold bonds.

    • 1.2Religión

      (sinner/soul) irredimible

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    (bond/debenture) no amortizable
    • In auctioning off monetary gold the managers of irredeemable currency are trying, in vain, to buy time to save their tottering regime.
    • The Constitution still prohibits the use of irredeemable currency and synthetic credit.
    • However, it is important to note that the discount on irredeemable currency, although obviously going to 100 percent, is never doing it along a straight line.
    • The managers of the regime of irredeemable currency are either unaware of or tend to ignore the bias they have themselves introduced into speculation.
    • It started with the U.S. Treasury defaulting on its gold obligation to foreigners in 1971, thereby foisting a regime of irredeemable currency upon the world.