Translation of irrepressible in Spanish:


incontenible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪ(r)rəˈprɛsəb(ə)l/ /ɪrɪˈprɛsɪb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (smile/laughter) incontenible
    (urge/desire/anger) irreprimible
    (urge/desire/anger) incontenible
    (person) indomable
    (person) irrefrenable
    • We will be able to continue to manage without Ken's irrepressible scaremongering for the foreseeable future.
    • They were also usually, if not always, a restraining influence on the more abrasive, if not irrepressible side of Mercer.
    • I'm sure I can only begin to imagine what a parent can feel to have their child ripped away from their lives by irrepressible crime.
    • Suddenly the procession is interrupted by irrepressible sobbing.
    • Refusing to be rattled by their losses, however, Oxford responded with a goal and a point from the irrepressible Brendan McGurk.
    • But the artists and musicians, poets and students and philosophers of the old town proved irksomely irrepressible.
    • I succumbed to an irrepressible urge to burst into song.
    • But after 23 years in the cold, the irrepressible necktie is making a comeback in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    • Khan was in irrepressible form from the start, raining in fast and accurate punches from every angle, to leave the hapless Korean stunned.
    • Irresistible and irrepressible, Warne had stolen the stage.
    • An irrepressible figure, Demarco's commitment to bringing radical artists to Scotland remains undiminished.
    • For they know that within you is a force that is like that of a hurricane - wild, natural, untamed and irrepressible.
    • Then there are bands that have an irrepressible spark that makes you want to keep listening and watching no matter what they sling at you.
    • The villains then were misguided terrorists, the perpetrators now are our irrepressible politicians.
    • It all came from a sweeping movement, when the irrepressible Scott Hadden and Chris Capaldi combined to devastating effect.
    • Surely it is only a matter of time before technology grows and becomes such an irrepressible force that to try to restrict it would be folly.
    • Vehicles break down, complaints come in, work needs to be rescheduled, but it is all done with irrepressible good humour and charm.
    • With its dilated eyes under raised eyebrows, it expresses irrepressible terror.
    • But this young Chinese girl has an indomitable spirit and an irrepressible enthusiasm.
    • It remains uncertain, despite his irrepressible need to perform in public, whether Jackson himself will take the stand.