Translation of Islam in Spanish:


el Islam, n.

Pronunciation /ɪsˈlɑm/ /ɪzˈlɑm/ /ɪsˈlɑːm/ /ˈɪzlɑːm/ /ˈɪzlam/


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    el Islam
    • They argue Islam is a religion of peace.
    • It does not cover cults within other world religions such as Islam and Hinduism.
    • Muslims prefer and respect this name because it was the name of the last prophet of Islam.
    • The spiritual life of Islam is a means to a realization of faith and a perfection of practice.
    • In Islam when the prophet Adam was on earth he and his family worshipped the one lord.
    • So I would say that we have more youth and women you know, attracted to the faith of Islam.
    • Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life?
    • The last great world religion, Islam, arose not much more than a millennium later.
    • It is for this reason that the first pillar of Islam is faith in the existence of a divine being.
    • Is Islam a religion to suit the needs of any time and period or was it meant for a period that has passed?
    • He also is known to be in favor of declaring Islam as the official faith of the country.
    • Its very simplicity and directness has always made Islam a religion with great appeal.
    • He lived in north India at a time when it was under Mughal rule and when Islam was the religion of the rulers.
    • Our faith of Islam commands us to speak out against injustice wherever it occurs.
    • People are forgetting that Islam is an international religion and Muslims come in every color.
    • There was nothing in the film which criticised Muslims as a community or Islam as a religion.
    • Groups such as the Deobandis assert his teachings on intellectual and mystical Islam.