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isleño, n.

Pronunciación /ˈaɪləndər/ /ˈʌɪləndə/

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    isleño masculino
    isleña femenino
    • Total tranquility is probably just a memory to the native islanders who stood their ground.
    • Plantations of brackens and garlic are the main source of vegetable income for islanders.
    • It was a miracle of survival that the islanders managed to live on it for so long.
    • The supply was restored to the majority of islanders late on on Monday afternoon.
    • MacLeod is part of a majority of islanders who voted against the idea in a referendum.
    • There is a history of complaints from a minority of islanders on Sherkin Island.
    • Many of these islanders ended up on the eastern seaboard of Canada, either voluntarily or by forced evictions.
    • He shared his knowledge of the islands and told us how innocent the islanders were and how low the crime rate was.
    • The islanders then held an all-night vigil on the island as they feared that the fire might rekindle.
    • There is no electricity; some islanders use bottled gas for lighting and cooking.
    • At the moment islanders have to rely on a mixture of oil, solid fuel and small hydro schemes which are unreliable and expensive.
    • The thumping bass of The Docks, the islanders say, is tortuous, keeping them up all night.
    • Its history is long and filled with clashes between governments and determined islanders.
    • Beyond the ties islanders have to each other, they also have unbreakable ties to the island itself.
    • English was taught as a foreign language and used by many of the islanders when they emigrated to America.
    • He continued by complimenting the islanders and their committees for their commitment.
    • It's a magnificent piece of work, created by the islanders in over 30,000 painstaking hours.
    • Mersea islanders are set to decide whether they will fund the appointment of a police community support officer.
    • Canvey was one of the first to log on when it installed eight PCs a year ago, connecting islanders to the rest of the world.
    • The islanders have long been accustomed to celebrities holidaying on Arran.