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lo, pron.

Pronunciation /ɪt/

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    gen not translated (replacing noun)
    (as direct object) lo
    (as direct object) la
    (as indirect object) le
    it's enormous es enorme
    • there's nothing behind/on top of it no hay nada detrás/encima
    • don't sign it no lo/la firmes
    • sign it fírmalo/fírmala
    • I gave it another coat of paint le di otra mano de pintura
    • stop it! ¡ya está bien!
    • I don't understand it no lo entiendo
    • it's all lies son todas mentiras
    • damn/blast it! ¡maldita sea!
    • The great thing about an event like this is that it involves people from all walks of life and there is a real sense of camaraderie.
    • Mrs. Henderson walked into the room holding a tray with his breakfast on it.
    • But one voice truly stood out - and it did not belong to any of the private school pupils in the show.
    • Ultimately, the thing about the eclectic DJ set is that it's really, really difficult to pull off.
    • I need a fresh start and hopefully this is it.
    • Got this email yesterday which was very sad, this is it in its entirety.
    • I don't know if this is it's permanent time slot, though.
    • Once you have released a virus you can't take it back, it will always be out there.
    • It should not be underestimated how big this is - it's the world's top choral event.
    • If you want my recommendation for a wonderfully quirky film that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this is it.
    • This bathroom's amazing, have you seen it?
    • If officials in Washington should read just one book, this is it.
    • When the long warm nights get you in the mood to party, there should really only be one CD on the playlist - and this is it.
    • If you only visit one museum in Perth make sure this is it, because it boasts the best collection of Aboriginal art in Australia.
    • When I was reading about this, it was just a proposal!
    • When it gets cold in Chicago, the snow way up to my knees, I still wear my sandals.
    • It was now past ten o'clock.
    • I hear it might snow tonight.
    • It was three years in later, in 1978, that I returned to England.
    • It's summer in Mexico and the teenagers are about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime.
    • The weather has forgotten the rules - it's snowing in June.
    • It is some fifteen hundred miles from there to Fairbanks.
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    (introducing person, thing, event)
    who is it? ¿quién es?
    • it's me soy yo
    • it's Bill es Bill
    • it was you, wasn't it? fuiste tú ¿no?
    • what is it you want me to do? ¿qué es lo que quieres que haga?
    • don't worry, I'll see to it no te preocupes, yo me encargo (de ello)
    • it's his attitude that I don't like su actitud es lo que no me gusta
    • it was a dress, not a blouse she bought fue un vestido, no una blusa lo que compró
    • a little higher up … that's it! un poco más arriba … ¡ahí está! / ¡eso es!
    • one more and that's it uno más y ya está / se acabó
    • he's very ambitious — that's just it! es muy ambicioso — ¡precisamente ahí está el problema!
    • that's it, then bueno, ya está
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    (in impersonal constructions)
    it's good to see you da gusto verte
    • it's raining/snowing está lloviendo/nevando
    • it's hot/cold hace calor/frío
    • it's two o'clock son las dos
    • how long is it since we met? ¿cuánto hace que nos conocimos?
    • it's been five years since I saw you hace cinco años que no te veo
    • it would appear so así / eso parece
    • it says here that … aquí dice que …
    • it is known/said/believed that … se sabe/dice/cree que …
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    (in children's games)
    you're it tú (la) paras

There are 2 main translations of IT in Spanish

: it1IT2



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