Traducción de iterate en Español:


iterar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪdəˌreɪt/ /ˈɪtəreɪt/

Definición de iterar en Español

verbo transitivo

  • 1formal

    iterar formal
    • If you want, we can start iterating them one by one.
    • He was merely iterating his fondness for Thurmond and for the old South, and expressing his cherished wish to preserve it.
    • In a separate statement he iterated the simplicity of treatment of such ‘disabled’ persons with ‘drugs'.
    • I merely iterate the reasons Gemayel is an important national leader.
    • It rarely failed to mollify, but carried with it the penalty of having to iterate the performance many, many times.
    • The song offers no answers, only iterating the closing command: ‘Ride away.’
    • And this iterates a kind of foundation myth of the US.
    • In 1997, the government iterated a policy encouraging agencies to use incentives ‘to the maximum extent practicable when contracting for services.’
    • When management decisions are iterated (in space or time), knowledge gained from one decision can be applied to the next decision.
    • A story panel iterated a simplified version of the story I had told that elided any reference to class inequality or the powerlessness of his position.
    • This point about York's and Thursday's ultimate subservience to the army is iterated visually in the same scene.
    • I have iterated the term ‘story’ of Ray Schmidt to reflect the film's deceptive simplicity.
    • This refinement process could be iterated a second time to further define the center of the filament.
    • This process is iterated until all maps have been incorporated into the comprehensive map.
    • In 1517 Erasmus first iterated a familiar liberal theme; war is unprofitable.
    • These assumptions have been iterated for decades in spite of many contradictory observations and experiments.
    • When she iterated this syllable he whirled round and clamped his hand on her throat.
    • Well each time we iterate the drawing process, we are adding 4 times as many triangles as before, and each of them is 3 times as small as before.
    • Yapko iterates the four questions that guide his conceptualization of the client and assessment regarding the direction in which he will proceed.
    • The simulations were iterated 500 times for each parameter combination.
  • 2

    (process/step) iterar
    (process/step) repetir
    • The remainder of the program iterates through a number of PCM data types, starting with the stream types.
    • He then iterates the process to converge on a zero of f.
    • The searches were initiated with a single query sequence and iterated until convergence.
    • The process is iterated until the classification quality no longer increases.
    • The process is iterated until all putative ortholog sets have been examined.