Translation of itself in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪtˈsɛlf/


  • 1

    it has earned itself a reputation se ha hecho fama
    • another problem presented itself se presentó otro problema
    • All of this means that SAS could find itself subject to a bid from a bigger rival.
    • It has hurt itself financially, and the turn to the Right in this country is very serious.
    • As dawn was beginning to show itself, the horse stopped and refused to walk any further.
    • This is a kind of grafting in a new position of part of an animal upon itself.
    • It has spread like a virus from Kabul and Kandahar and established itself in every part of the globe.
    • The Alliance never managed to establish itself as a party with credible policies.
    • The horse allows itself to be groomed and you honor the horse by grooming him.
    • I haven't even come out in pimples as reassuring evidence of my body purifying itself.
    • He already feels a review of the way the company markets itself to potential clients may be called for.
    • Yet the Treasury simply switched off all hearing aids and neatly absolved itself of blame.
    • A glance at the fixture list, and you wonder if the cycle is about to perpetuate itself afresh.
    • This dubious gift manifests itself just before take-off on a school trip to France.
    • That is the situation in which discredited insurer Equitable Life has found itself.
    • The king of those younger peers will be drawing attention to itself this week.
    • Neither as witty nor as intelligent as it believes itself to be, the book is however ambitious.
    • Is this not the same publication which prides itself on maximum prurience every Sunday?
    • First, when we realize that what we are saying is a direct and perfect expression of itself.
    • In all the warmer parts of the earth this form stamps itself in grand simplicity on the landscape.
    • Is the same quality not to be applauded when it manifests itself in isolation?
    • For example, a tower of cubes can bend itself over at a right angle to pick up another cube.
  • 2

    (emphatic use)
    the document does not of itself constitute a contract el documento por sí mismo no constituye un contrato
    • the town itself is small la ciudad en sí / la ciudad propiamente dicha es pequeña
    • he's kindness itself es la bondad personificada
    • That memorial itself will be the subject of a separate international competition.
    • The very existence of the subject itself already imposes a terrible ethical burden.
    • In any event certainty is best achieved by express words in the arbitration clause itself.
    • This was because the exercise of such discretion was itself subject to judicial review.
    • I would add that the jurisdiction clause itself is in terms which are in no way exceptional.
    • I don't like the fact that the argument for total subjectivity is itself universal.
    • The horse itself will not ever perform well if it does not have a good groom.
    • History often refers to both the past itself, and to what historians write about the past.
    • It is quite possible for a name to refer to something of which it, itself, is part.
    • The ego is itself the centre of consciousness and it is what we refer to when we use the terms I or me.
    • This goes against previous theories that the virus itself is responsible for deaths.
    • So followers of the affect of the draw were hoping for a horse drawn low to land the big race itself.
    • Things here are changing fast, not only in Hong Kong itself but also its outlying islands.
    • Its marketing focus needs to be on the consumer, rather than the service itself.
    • The monarchy itself will increasingly suffer from this politics of benign neglect.
    • The shuttle bus from the Villa San Michele brought me down to the Arno Valley and the city itself.
    • The meter itself is in perfect condition it was only the leather case that had gone a bit moth eaten.
    • The irony is made only more perfect by the absolute lack thereof on the site itself.
    • The shadow of the other festivals is to blame, but so too is the weakening of the arts programme itself.
    • The coffee itself is better than some, not as good as others, but profanely overpriced.
    • This could be seen as a metaphor for writing fiction, but the story itself seems too schematic.