Translation of jack plug in Spanish:

jack plug

enchufe macho, n.


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    enchufe macho masculine
    • The audio cable supplied in the box has stereo plugs at one end (to plug into the receiver) but a single jack plug at the other end.
    • The earth wire was wired to a jack plug… with enough length to reach the earth socket in the underside of the PSU.
    • How do you take a set of front-panel switch and LED cables that end in 3.5mm jack plugs and interface them in an attractive way with the tiny wee pins on a motherboard?
    • Two easy to use jack plugs are inserted into the rear of the lamp (it doesn't even matter which plug is plugged into which hole as the unit automatically works out the polarity).
    • The torch is simply charged by removing a knurled threaded plug and inserting the phono style charging jack plug.