Translation of jackhammer in Spanish:


martillo neumático, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒækˌhæmər/ /ˈdʒakhamə/


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    martillo neumático masculine
    • Landon cracked his eyes open and grimaced in pain from the pounding headache; like an incessant jackhammer drilling into his skull at all angles.
    • In Taba, where the blast brought down a 10-storey wing of the resort, Egyptian and Israeli rescuers used everything from jackhammers and drills to dogs and bare hands to search the wreckage.
    • In a quiet sidestreet, at 3am, someone was running a bloody jackhammer, drilling up the tarmac.
    • They are doing alterations in my office building, and there is a little man coming in every day with a jackhammer and it sounds as if he is drilling his way through to Singapore.
    • For the past few days, we've been blown away with all the noise from jackhammers, heavy road equipment, and auxiliary power units.