Translation of jalopy in Spanish:


cacharro, n.

Pronunciation /dʒəˈlɑpi/ /dʒəˈlɒpi/

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nounplural jalopies

  • 1

    cacharro masculine informal
    carcacha feminine Andes, Mexico informal
    cachila feminine Uruguay informal
    • He was driving an old jalopy, but when Ernie Reisinger saw the car he said, ‘You can't drive that.
    • I remember Dave telling me how surprised he was that George was driving an old jalopy that barely ran.
    • Well, the Navy just took its first taxi, and it's taking us where we need to go much faster than its old jalopy.
    • The '56 Mercury sputtered along like an old jalopy.
    • The neglected poverty-stricken landscape of Motown is captured throughout the film by the trailer homes, abandoned buildings and jalopies in shades of muted gray, browns, greens and rust.