Hay 2 traducciones principales de jam en Español

: jam1jam2


aprieto, n.

Pronunciación /dʒæm/ /dʒam/

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  • 1coloquial

    (difficult situation)
    aprieto masculino
    to be in a jam estar en un aprieto / en apuros
    • to get into a jam meterse en un lío
    • In a jam like this, it's certainly OK to help your girl save face.
    • Are you as helpful as you can be when your pal is in a jam?
    • If there is one message from what's happened, it is that when this Government is in a jam, it volunteers little except under duress.
    • Whenever a TV character, say, Lucy Ricardo for example, is in a jam and thinks of a clever way out, she'll try it once.
    • I still care about them and would have no problem helping them out if they were in a jam, but I no longer wish to spend any time with them.
  • 2

    • 2.1(stationary traffic)

      atasco masculino
      embotellamiento masculino

    • 2.2(crowd)

      a great jam of people un gentío

    • 2.3(blockage)

      obstrucción femenino
      • I'd prefer to further my skills and career - not occupy myself hunched over a photocopier, when the biggest excitement of my working day is a paper jam.
      • There's a paper jam, and she's got some scissors that you can actually see there on the counter, and she's trying to fix the paper jam.
      • Election officials complain of paper jams, maintenance problems at the polling places, and high costs of printing and ballot management.
      • Faults can include paper jams or coins getting stuck, or a machine running out of paper.
      • And let's be honest, I haven't had much to write about either - office politics, photocopier jams and the mailman's unfathomable attitude towards me being the highlight of my day.

verbo transitivo jamming, jammed, jammed

  • 1

    • 1.1(cram)

      to jam sth into sth meter algo en algo

      • I jammed my things into the suitcase
      • the four of them jammed themselves into the back of the car
      • His name was Petar, and within five minutes I was jammed into his tent along with three of his companions.
      • Sometimes as many as 500 students jam themselves into an auditorium for a California Scholarship Federation meeting.
      • It turned out to be a large roost of house sparrows all trying to jam themselves into two small trees making a racket.
      • One of the guys was incredibly tall, and had to jam himself into the kart.
      • One cannot blame the citizens who try to jam one more piece of garbage into them.
      • After practically every clothing item I own is jammed into my large suitcase, I lug it down the stairs.
      • Zack thought to himself as he jammed all of his books into his bag.
      • The stairs were jammed with college students and we were pushed into the living room.

    • 1.2(congest, block)

      (road/room) atestar
      jammed with people atestado de gente
      • the switchboard was jammed with calls la centralita estaba saturada de llamadas
      • AMERICAN POETRY is at something of a crossroads, and the roads leading there are jammed with traffic.
      • The East Lancashire Road was jammed with commuters trying to avoid the motorway.
      • It's no better on the roads, jammed by 7.30 am, with huge seas of traffic for most of the day, sometimes until 9 o'clock at night.
      • I put on my flak jacket and helmet and walked up the road, which was jammed with tanks and armored fighting vehicles waiting to cross the bridge.
      • During past Eid celebrations hundreds of drivers have jammed Wilmslow Road to the cheers of onlookers and the event has sometimes fallen into disorder.

  • 2

    • 2.1(make stick, wedge firmly)

      he jammed his foot in the door metió el pie entre la puerta y el marco
      • the car was jammed in between two trucks el coche estaba atascado entre dos camiones
      • he jammed his hat on tighter se encasquetó bien el sombrero
      see also jam on

    • 2.2(crush)

      she jammed her thumb in the door se apretó el dedo en la puerta

    • 2.3(push hard, suddenly)

      he jammed his foot down on the brake dio un frenazo en seco

  • 3

    • It is important that the driver does not rest his finger on this switch or he will then have effectively jammed all radio transmissions to his pit.
    • The ship, meanwhile, will be doing what it can to jam enemy transmissions, but we can only assume some will get through, so we need to be fast.
    • He helped trigger the October demos with radio broadcasts on a channel that has since been jammed.
    • No radio or TV and the news sites seem to be jammed.
    • People don't want their cell phone signals jammed, I am certain.
    • The basic idea is that you carry a personalized device that jams the signals from all the RFID tags on your person until you authorize otherwise.
    • The FCC argues that jamming mobile phone signals is theft of airwaves - but, more importantly, the dangers of someone missing an important call outweigh any benefit of silence.

verbo intransitivo jamming, jammed, jammed

  • 1

    to jam into sth meterse en algo
  • 2

    (become stuck)
    (brakes) bloquearse
    (machine) trancarse
    (switch/lock) trabarse
    (switch/lock) trancarse
    (drawer) atascarse
    (gun) encasquillarse
    • The door seemed to be jammed and it moved very slowly as I pushed with all my might.
    • On one beach, hemmed in by cliffs on either side and palm trees at the back, some Grenadians are playing cricket, three sticks jammed into the sand for stumps.
    • With a hoe-blade unrolled from her canvas, jammed onto the walking stick, she cleared a patch of low white stumps.
    • But as it moved south, a battery powering the train's automatic interconnecting doors went flat and the doors jammed shut.
    • When the building sprang back and forth like a car antenna, door frames twisted and jammed shut, trapping a number of them in a conference room.
    • The wheels needed to be discs - spoked wheels just got jammed with sticks and branches.
    • We reached the second elevator without confrontation of demons and we found an elevator with the doors jammed shut.
    • The exit doors of Al-Amariyah jammed shut as temperatures rose to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • The swing bridge over the River Ouse at Selby was operating fully this morning after it jammed open at 9pm yesterday.
    • She rang the police and they arrived around 7pm and succeeded in opening doors that had been jammed.
    • For a long time that door would always jam shut when ever you slammed it.
    • The door had jammed, and I had been unable to get out of the car.
    • The cubicle in the van was too small for him; he suffers from claustrophobia; once, the door jammed and they couldn't get him out; he had a panic attack in the van.
    • I do have a grainy memory of things like getting my finger jammed in a door, dropping a plate and cutting my foot etc.
    • The outer doors are missing, the inner doors jammed, and the whole apparatus knocked out of alignment.
    • Veena Shankar was trapped in her fourth floor apartment with her two children when the doors jammed after the earthquake.
    • Toilet doors and interior doors jammed in the train, making it difficult for passengers to escape from the coaches.
    • The four forward crewmen made it, but the exit door jammed shut.
    • I reached the foot of the doors as the tide grew and I grasped each plate with my fingers and it inched open but suddenly jammed.
    • An explanation that I favour for the sinking is that the snort mast float valve jammed open, flooding the boat.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de jam en Español

: jam1jam2


mermelada, n.

Pronunciación /dʒæm/ /dʒam/


  • 1

    mermelada femenino
    dulce masculino Río de la Plata
    raspberry jam mermelada de frambuesas
    • You can then sprinkle the petit suisse with sugar or strawberry jam.
    • Fresh thick slices of loaf bread, generously spread with strawberry jam, washed down with strong sweet tea just have to be eaten outdoors to be really enjoyed.
    • The sandwich was well up to expectations and this was followed by a warm and very fresh fruit scone which crumbled as we spread it with strawberry jam and cream.
    • Steam puddings with dried fruit or jam for flavouring were boiled in basins with cloths tied over the top.
    • There is butter for the waffles, and powdered sugar, and strawberry jam.
    • For the sandwiches, spread some plum jam on six bread slices and cover with the remaining slices.
    • Cane and beet sugar are the usual sources of sugar for jelly or jam.
    • In the Cafe you can try a selection of their bread by ordering a basket of it with butter and a sharp but sweet strawberry jam.
    • If you overcook your jam, the sugar will caramelize and it won't taste good and there's nothing you can do.
    • Currently available are apricot jam, sweet Seville, grapefruit, and three fruits marmelades and tomato and cranberry chutneys.
    • A selection of delicate pastries, banana slices, glazed fudge, lemon tarts, scones with clotted cream and jam, and boiled Welsh fruit cake were also on offer.
    • There is nothing wrong with a good old Victoria sponge, thickly spread with butter icing and home-made jam, and dusted with icing sugar.
    • Loryn picked up a slice of toast and slowly spread jam over it.
    • She took a small bowlful of cherries in defiance of the usual selection the women made of crackers spread thinly with jam.
    • If you have enough berries, you can also make little pots of sweet jam.
    • Spread raspberry jam over slices and drizzle with orange juice or liqueur.
    • Every morning her husband brings her breakfast of croissants with strawberry jam and a bowl of fresh fruit to bed.
    • She was munching through a croissant, heartily spread with black raspberry jam, when she realized that she had other things to think about.
    • When cake is quite cold, brush top with slightly warmed apricot jam.
    • Alighting from the boats we went into one of the huge ‘refs’ and had some lovely tea and buttered scones, topped with jam!