Translation of jelly in Spanish:


jalea, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛli/

nounplural jellies

  • 1

    • 1.1(clear jam)

      jalea feminine

    • 1.2(savory)

      gelatina feminine
      aspic masculine
      • There's hardly a bit of a pig you can't eat, from the head boiled up in a stewy soup to the trotters with their savoury jelly and morsels of meat.
      • It tasted like eating a hunk of quivering meat jelly.
      • Slow cooked, the sinew that makes meat tough becomes jelly.
      • She stuffed another bite of pot roast with jelly into her mouth and watched for the vamp's reaction.
      • In the kitchen, things which may need clarification are stock, clear soup, aspic, jelly, etc.
      • Those who wanted to build up the appetite, began by munching on seafood popiyat and meat jelly.
      • Put in the pulled breast, with any odd scraps of jelly, and stir about until the pieces are very hot indeed.
      • Sheep heads, rams' testicles, udders and jelly from the feet were all prepared for storage.
      • After preparation, the jelly was placed in a container and covered from dust, often not sealed in any way.
      • Similarly, the chicken wings come in Thai jelly, a sticky slick of savoury honey coating some very ruddy wings.
      • You would realize that too if you had to live on German jelly and bean stew for six months.
      • The statement also said the latest cases were likely caused by the consumption of tainted pork tongue in jelly.

    • 1.3British (as dessert)

      gelatina feminine
      • They made apple jelly with the apples from the orchard.
      • Tart lemon jelly and crumbly crumbles went very well together, I thought.
      • Pour the custard off and just eat the jelly.
      • Orange jelly with fresh peach and pineapple slices, topped by double cream, finished the meal.
      • The orange jelly, though, was nothing more than a silly fancy on a rainy day.
      • The second act was a passion fruit jelly in an oyster shell - that was better.
      • Lunch may be with family or friends, and involve a classic roast followed by, say, fruit jelly made by the kids.
      • Uses are mainly for wine, fruit sauce, jelly, or fresh fruit.
      • And, after disastrous rehearsals, did an exceptional fruit jelly.
      • Adding cooking apples or damsons will ensure a perfect set in jam or jelly because of these fruits' high pectin levels.
      • The clusters can be frozen whole for jelly or juice.
      • Products with cooked elderberries, like juice or elderberry jelly, are perfectly safe, however.
      • Cane and beet sugar are the usual sources of sugar for jelly or jam.
      • For the guava jelly: In a saucepan, bring the guava juice and orange juice to a boil.
      • For the apple jelly: In small saucepan, combine juice and ascorbic acid.
      • A little dash of pumpkin pie spice in my pumpkin jelly and I was on to another blue ribbon winner.
      • A three-fruit jelly of distinct layers - blackberry, blueberry, raspberry - came with a deliciously intense fruit sauce.
      • Using a spoon, spread over the jelly so it covers the bottom crust.
      • You can keep this sauce, chilled as a jelly, in the fridge for up to a week.
      • Antonin selected fruits for the puddings - a nectarine plombie (ice cream) and oranges stuffed with layered jellies.

  • 2

    (gelatinous substance)
    gelatina feminine
    • HIV positive women can use diaphragms and cervical caps for birth control, with spermicidal cream or jelly.
    • After peeling off outer skin, they polish it with castor oil, cactus jelly, curd, ghee and turmeric powder to make it smooth and slippery.
    • Spermicide comes as a foam, jelly, or cream, and kills sperm.
    • It is petroleum oil turned to jelly, and contains refined oil, gelliants, and butylated hydroxy toluene.
    • In either case you belong in the ‘Land of Misfit Toys’ with the choo choo train with square wheels and the water pistol that squirts jelly.
    • A sea-urchin egg is surrounded by a protective covering known as the vitelline envelope, which in turn is covered with a thick coat of jelly.
    • Use petroleum jelly on the rim of the cup for a tight fit.
    • Don't use petroleum jelly or a lit match to kill a tick.
    • I don't like the idea of using petroleum jelly or any other synthetic product internally.
    • They make royal jelly in glands near their mouthparts.
    • The cleared cuticles were mounted in glycerin jelly on glass slides for light microscopic examination.
    • Triad Disposables' hot new item - tubes of sterile lubricating jelly.
    • They are caused by clumps of material suspended in the vitreous jelly that fills the back of the eye.
    • Another thing that just wouldn't be the same without women is jelly wrestling.
    • As the Committee chairman testily remarked, this is a little like nailing jelly.
    • When this was done it formed a jelly like substance.
    • Her bones were melting like jelly now, descending along the edges ever so patiently, dripping slow as wax over her raw flesh.
    • For the soy jelly: In small saucepan, combine soy sauce and water and bring to a boil.