There are 2 main translations of jerky in Spanish

: jerky1jerky2


entrecortado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒərki/ /ˈdʒəːki/

Definition of entrecortado in Spanish

adjective jerkier, jerkiest

  • 1

    (not smooth)
    (speech) entrecortado
    he walked with short, jerky strides caminaba dando saltitos
    • it was a jerky ride fuimos (or fueron etc.) dando botes por el camino
    • The car squeaks to a halt and she glares at him because of his jerky stop.
    • Focus on keeping your movements smooth and fluid rather than abrupt and jerky.
    • They watched silently as the old plane lumbered over to gate 2, discharging a huge, billowing black cloud as it rolled to a jerky stop.
    • She pulled to a jerky stop at the foot of the front stoop.
    • The battles are sometimes awkward with the jerky bugs stopping in place before being blasted into squiggles of DNA.
    • They arrived with a jerky stop and they left the train together.
    • The plane came to a jerky stop and the fasten seatbelt sign blinked off.
    • His fingers walk across his chest, his head, like a bird, pans the ceiling with jerky stops and starts.
    • Kayla followed suit, and the three of them rolled to a jerky stop at the foot of a skyscraper.
    • He shook his head in small, terrified jerky movements.
    • His movements were jerky, nervous; he was almost running.
    • The main symptoms are sudden, severe dizziness, partial deafness, sounds in the ear and jerky eye movements.
    • His jerky movements and sinister singing voice complement the familiar musical tunes, which are deliberately cheesy for comic effect.
    • If not familiar with puppetry, you may wonder why the characters are making jerky movements.
    • Their lips fail to synchronize with the dialogue, and their movements are jerky.
    • His jerky movements - if he wasn't a pop star you'd assume it was nerves - match his angular London accent when he talks.
    • Ever so gently, he rotated, making no jerky movements.
    • Dallas watched him closely, never missing even one of his jerky movements.
    • Louise moves to the opening of the lounge, in stiff jerky movements as though hampered by the knitting of broken bones.
    • Keep really tight to the pole and, without making huge jerky movements, pull yourself as far up it as possible.
  • 2US informal

    memo informal
    pendejo Latin America informal
    gilipollas Spain informal
    huevón Andes, Venezuela informal

There are 2 main translations of jerky in Spanish

: jerky1jerky2


cecina, n.


  • 1

    cecina feminine
    tasajo masculine
    charqui masculine South America
    • The younger girl had fallen asleep, curled up in her blanket and still clutching the strip of beef jerky.
    • The slices of deep red sausage had the pungent flavour of barbecued pork, quite similar to a sweet beef jerky.
    • We saw strips of deep red beef jerky, sheets of golden-colored glucose that looked like glass, orange rind and salmon skin.
    • Jerome nodded, taking a long strip of jerky from his plate.
    • Then she added some jerky for meat, and some dried vegetables.
    • Native Americans once used the fruit to make pemmican, a type of meat jerky.
    • They each got two strips of jerky for meals, each about as long as a man's hand and as thick as two fingers.
    • I've let this old carcass get as stiff as beef jerky on a cold winter morning.
    • There is also a small selection entitled ‘for the gastronome’, proffering beef jerky, buffalo cheese and a French cheese platter.
    • I almost added beef jerky, but that was just too costly.
    • But, whatever harm Macscruby thinks our flag might do to his beef jerky, McDonald's had no misgivings on its effect on the Big Mac.
    • She had shoulder-length gray hair and skin resembling beef jerky.
    • The $5,000 also has gone toward buying things like beef jerky, anti-fungal foot cream and DVDs.
    • Among the items for sale are beef jerky, Winchester ammunition, and nine kinds of chewing tobacco.
    • If you go to their site, they seem to be interested not so much in flying stuff to the moon but in selling beef jerky.
    • The money must be paid in cash, to each person in refugee camps as they line up for their daily cup of dirty water and dried beef jerky.
    • Maybe you'll even have some change left over for a candy bar or a pack of beef jerky.
    • Powell looked like a ‘stick of beef jerky adorned with whiskers’, and the fundamentally unsuitable boats the men used were ‘walnut shells’.
    • Dante took a slice of beef jerky that was in his pocket and gave it to the boy.
    • We climbed up and Nick took two bottles of soda and a bag of beef jerky from his secret stash.