Translation of jettison in Spanish:


echar por la borda, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛdəsən/ /ˈdʒɛdəzən/ /ˈdʒɛtɪs(ə)n/ /ˈdʒɛtɪz(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cargo/ballast) (throw overboard) echar por la borda
    (cargo/ballast) (throw overboard) echar al mar
    (fuel) (release) deshacerse de
    (fuel) (release) arrogar
  • 2

    (get rid of)
    (garbage/belongings/leader) deshacerse de
    (principles) echar por la borda
    • He's already been in cell 118 for five hours and I decide, no matter what, I'm going to not have the same look on my face when I'm jettisoned.
    • Despite their doubts these men clung precariously to some idea of God, unwilling to jettison Him altogether.
    • He in fact wanted to jettison anyone who would stand up to his dictatorial tendencies.
    • They have to reinvent themselves and jettison anyone tarred with the brush of Thatcher if they are ever again to challenge.
    • If Abramovich jettisons him for Eriksson in the summer, he will have shown a savage set of teeth.
    • Her group had left her, jettisoning her into oblivion for fear of attracting unwanted attention to themselves.
    • It was no surprise when the band jettisoned him.
    • Joining the Giants helped resurrect Collins' career, but Wheatley's didn't take off until the Giants jettisoned him.
    • Yet Isiah jettisoned him out of New York to Phoenix, which has placed him back on the injured list after three unimpressive games.
    • Those who want to simply jettison him go too far.
    • If the committee issued a negative report, Barroso would feel obliged to jettison him, or at least give him a less significant portfolio.
    • They knew he would never jettison anyone short of an attacking pirate, but he did not like having to cater to his former competitor.
    • Eventually, any pretence of a plot is jettisoned in favour of romantic wish fulfilment.
    • His lyrics became more obscure; coherent narrative was jettisoned in favour of a procession of bizarre and cryptic happenings.
    • Visually exciting, it dares us to jettison our conceptual baggage.
    • Seinfeld has jettisoned all his old bits and is slowly building a new repertoire, one joke at a time.
    • The time has come fort this nonsense to be jettisoned completely.
    • Senior people inside Fianna Fail are saying privately that the long-term intent is to jettison the PDs.
    • One senior figure said that if Taoiseach Bertie Ahern had any sense, he would jettison the PDs immediately.
    • Their latest line of thinking, however, is likely to see the textbooks jettisoned altogether.
    • Inbound to Amberley the external drop tanks were jettisoned to reduce the overall weight for what became an uneventful landing.
    • Luckily it had jettisoned its bomb load and the crew baled out to safety and captivity.
    • The crew considered jettisoning the fuel bladders to regain control of the aircraft.
    • Two orange, glowing objects were jettisoned out of the Echo and sailed toward the ship's engine.
    • Just jettison that thing or evacuate your ship.
    • I then jettisoned the weight belt and removed my tank.
    • AT1 Perry jettisoned the external load, and the instantaneous release caused the cargo hook to snap back, hitting and lacerating his arm.
    • He thought of Shackleton who, when forced to lighten his load on the ice floes, would not jettison his banjo.
    • When set in motion, it effectively jettisons its unbelted riders - a family of padded dummies - out its windows.
    • A television camera aboard Discovery's giant external fuel tank provided never-before-seen images of the shuttle jettisoning the tank and moving away.
    • This seems more honest to me than jettisoning the stuff far out to space where who knows what damage it might do in the faroff reaches of the sky.
    • Let's look at some other " customs " we've jettisoned in favor of progress and universal human dignity.
    • Each one of us, myself included, began to jettison unnecessary baggage.
    • The Silver Falcon was already on an outbound vector once they jettisoned the escape pod.
    • Jim Forrest had scored 15 goals in 28 appearances before he was jettisoned for his part in the fiasco.