Translation of jewel in Spanish:


piedra preciosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒuəl/ /ˈdʒuːəl/

See Spanish definition of alhaja


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    piedra preciosa feminine
    • Choose from two sparkling, glittering nail stickers sprinkled with rhinestones and jewels.
    • There are photo frames and little jewel boxes in the shape of dolls and animals, all with sparkling jewels inset.
    • Her necklace was seen more visibly with the blue sapphire jewel glowing slightly.
    • A silver band with pale blue jewels encrusted within was set upon his head.
    • To me, they are like a rare exquisite jewel in the midst of all kinds of other jewels.
    • He was working on a jewel theft case when he suddenly disappeared, along with 5 other agents.
    • She had a golden horn coming from her head with a sapphire jewel on her forehead.
    • Lydia opened it and took out a silver ring that was set with tiny red jewels.
    • He had golden eyes and a strange silver/white jewel on his forehead.
    • His hand automatically reached up to touch the ruby jewel on his forehead.
    • The foils set amidst a black background give an illusion of jewels studded on glass.
    • Spotting the glimmering, jewel studded weapons, Shanza forgot to breathe.
    • Statues may contain healing herbs, sacred objects, precious stones or jewels, or other offerings.
    • She brushed aside some dead leaves and vines and dirt, revealing a sort of stone plaque with jewels embedded into it.
    • Mihal prowled through the tray of jewels, flicking stones over with his slender fingers.
    • The stones and jewels used in these paintings would have an added impact with the light from pooja lamps falling on them.
    • I leaned over to see a gold bangle with green glass jewels.
    • She picks up the necklace and examines the jewels.
    • Priceless necklaces of jewels and silver hung there.
    • The next moment, Etria found that she had several necklaces crafted from jewels and gold around her neck.
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    (piece of jewelry)
    alhaja feminine
    joya feminine
    the Crown Jewels las joyas de la Corona
    • jewel box / case joyero
    • The fecund decorations are transplanted in the exquisitely designed gold-plated jewels embellished with precious stones.
    • There was a separate stall for jewels embellished with precious stones like pearls, ruby and emerald.
    • Your gowns and jewels and trinkets, all of those were very pricey.
    • There were tents of vendors selling artwork, trinkets, jewels and food.
    • The maid reappeared soon with three leather cases brimming with jewels and other trinkets.
    • He was wearing the ceremonial cape covered with silver jewels and other amulets.
    • They were dumped and locked in a fine cabin, full of exotic rugs, firs, jewels and trinkets.
    • The princess and elephant puppets were also wonderfully designed with pearl-strewn costumes, jewels, and glittering fabrics.
    • Duessa is dressed in the jewels and scarlet costume of the Whore of Babylon.
    • Village women often wear great wedding jewels to work.
    • Five men carrying guns burst into King's jewellers last night and demanded money and jewels.
    • During a performance of Swan Lake, wacky cops and jewel thieves overrun the stage.
    • The twist comes when Wilma's handbag gets switched with that of a jewel thief.
    • An epidemic of jewel heists is plaguing stores in malls from Connecticut to Florida.
    • Tony is just out of jail, after serving five years for a jewel heist.
    • Is he just trying to get close enough to steal the jewel for power?
    • The jewels sparkled as she stepped out onto the deck of the ship.
    • My eyes were drawn to the exotic colors of beautiful gowns and glittering jewels the Thai ladies wore.
    • Jewels have adorned the stars of the silver screen for over a century.
    • He was dressed in purple silk robes and had jewels adorning his stubby neck and fingers.
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    (in watch)
    rubí masculine
    • I twirled it between my index finger and thumb, watching the jewel give off bright rays when it passed a specific angle.
    • Her jewel was resonating a little, then returned to normal.
    • Fine blades of Chinese cabbage came with pumpkin seeds, little jewels of red pepper and just a breath of sweetness.
    • The Celtic fans, meanwhile, patiently awaited the little jewels that brighten up such routine victories.
    • Now I'm spooning the little jewels of fruit salad into my mouth as I look out the window.
    • Naturally you would like to know more about the Jewel of Elrokis - and more about the whereabouts of your little jewel.
    • Bikini Genie is an ingenious little gizmo of a jewel that clips onto the back of your bikini and gathers it up into an instant thong.
    • When I took my little jewel of a dinner out, the yolk's top half was beginning to harden a little, and this proved very enjoyable.
    • Il Desiderio Preso per la Coda is a little-known jewel near the Piazza Navona.
    • It is a little jewel of a place and an interest in fly fishing or shooting is not necessary.
    • Compassion and love - those are the real jewels.
    • Also, instead of the usual single row of stitching common on other designs, this little jewel of the outback sports two lines for an extra measure of strength.
    • The song, added to the tongue-in-cheek scenario, made this a hilarious little jewel.
    • Quite how this shiny little jewel of a record got ignored I will never know.
    • August is the month my family makes its annual escape to Pinecrest Lake, a pretty little jewel north of Yosemite.
    • There are only 16 rooms in this little jewel, now part of the Orient Express group.
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    (sb, sth wonderful)
    joya feminine
    she's a real jewel es una joya
    • a jewel of a church una iglesia que es una joya
    • Draped with some of the world's finest footballing jewels and still Italy have failed to truly sparkle.
    • Peterhof stands out like a jewel among the bland communist structures found in greater St. Petersburg.
    • His squad boasts but one jewel, the 23-year-old Phil Jagielka, but Warnock can look forward to a new contract and more cash should United advance.
    • And Galway is the shining jewel in the crown of the Irish racing industry.
    • The Indian woman wears the priceless jewel of modesty with pride.
    • St. Pio is certainly one of the most precious jewels of the Capuchin Order.
    • On the cradle by the window slept their precious jewel, their baby daughter.
    • Their last three albums were sparkling jewels in the power-pop coal mine of the 1990s.
    • Close to the beach a living jewel glowed in front of us.
    • The Buddha, the jewel in the lotus himself, didn't start out in the mud.
    • He has made little jewels of melody and elegant settings to surround them.
    • To him, she was a precious jewel among thousands of massive and useless rocks.