Translation of jeweler in Spanish:


joyero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒu(ə)lər/ /ˈdʒuːələ/


(British jeweller)
  • 1

    joyero masculine
    joyera feminine
    a jeweler's (shop) una joyería
    • jeweler's rouge colcótar
    • In 1736 Calderwood married Elinor Streeter, widow of the jeweller and lapidary William Streeter.
    • There have been complaints from Madurai about lack of assured purity in gold jewels sold by some jewellers.
    • A Sligo jeweller has agreed to sell up to 2,000 pieces of jewellery over the next year that will raise money for Concern.
    • The best known name is Rene Lalique, a jeweler and glassmaker.
    • Whoever had the receipt owned the jewellery back in the jewellers.
    • The store is occupied by the luxury jeweller Asprey, which sold it in a sale and leaseback deal for over €16 million.
    • She sells them to a jeweller in Turkey where a handsome diplomat (Vittorio de Sica) buys them.
    • If I brought it to a jeweller in Ireland who sells Tag Heuer would they give me a refund or even a credit note?
    • In 1992 the company severed its family ties and was sold to the London jeweller Asprey.
    • She returns them to M. Rémy, the jeweler who initially sold them to her husband.
    • Many of the jewellers are also presenting hall-marked jewellery items.
    • Surprisingly, Mr Marchant said it was not uncommon for jewellers to transport precious stones in this seemingly casual way.
    • On the one hand, for instance, Al Fayed says the couple visited a jewellers and chose an engagement ring.
    • Into this walks Frederic Montague, a jeweller and purveyor of precious stones who is invited to stay.
    • When the jeweller put the ear-rings back in the display, he felt Calvert pressing against his back.
    • Reports have stated that Scott had taken quite a bit of Laci's jewelry to a jeweler for some unknown reason.
    • He said there should be a deliberate policy to compel gemstone companies to sell part of their produce to local jewellers.
    • They advise potential investors to deal only with reputable jewellers and dealers who have been in the business for a long time.
    • And so it was that we arrived outside Parkhouse & Wyatt, the jewellers on Above Bar Street.
    • The gang burst into Preston's jewellers in Yorkshire Street as staff were closing the shop on Friday 4 November.