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trabajo, n.

Pronunciation /dʒɑb/ /dʒɒb/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(occupation, post)

      trabajo masculine
      empleo masculine
      (application/interview) (before noun) para un puesto de trabajo
      to have a teaching/publishing job or a job in teaching/publishing trabajar en la enseñanza/en una editorial
      • she's got a job as a hairdresser trabaja de peluquera
      • she has found a vacation job ha encontrado un trabajo para las vacaciones
      • my job involves a lot of traveling en mi trabajo / puesto tengo que viajar mucho
      • he hasn't had a job since 1990 no ha trabajado desde 1990
      • what sort of job would you like to have / do when you grow up? ¿en qué te gustaría trabajar cuando seas mayor?
      • I'm between jobs at the moment actualmente estoy sin trabajo
      • she really knows her / the job es una experta en su campo (or su oficio etc.)
      • is he the right person for the job? ¿es la persona idónea para el puesto?
      • to create new jobs crear nuevos puestos de trabajo
      • job losses pérdida de puestos de trabajo
      • job opportunity oportunidad laboral / de trabajo
      • you get a lot of job satisfaction doing this este trabajo es muy gratificante
      • job title nombre del puesto
      • job vacancy vacante
      • Landing a part-time job on campus as a peer counselor eased her money woes.
      • He said he wouldn't want to guide a Marine into a low-paying, dead-end job.
      • In Kabul, they usually have low-paying, menial jobs such as janitorial work.
      • Over the past two years 3,665 well-paid factory jobs have left Bloomington.
      • She has an excellent, high-paying job and even owns her own house.
      • I quit my nine-to-five job and became a professional photographer.
      • More than 9,000 manufacturing jobs have been shed across East Lancashire in five years.
      • At the same time, manufacturing jobs have been exported overseas.
      • Just four weeks after her husband's office closed the £40,000-a-year job offer was suddenly withdrawn.
      • Kay drifted through a series of dead-end jobs for six years.
      • The summer job market for students improved slightly compared with last year.
      • He described it as the " most plum job in the industry".
      • If that were to occur surely Pearce would be granted the manager's job on a permanent basis.
      • All the stimulation and conversations made transitioning back to work at my day job quite difficult.
      • The abject failure to accept that fact only makes the manager's job even harder.
      • Following the job losses announced last week, just over 400 workers would remain.
      • The center's database allows job seekers to sign up and manage their accounts.
      • Part of the mystery comes from the fact that the job description is changing.
      • When they do something appreciated by the people they serve, job satisfaction soars.
      • If the jobs go overseas or pay at overseas wages, ambitious people will move to other fields.

    • 1.2(duty, responsibility)

      it's your job to make the tea tú eres el encargado de hacer el té
      • it's the leader's job to ensure party unity al líder le corresponde velar por la unidad del partido
      • I had the unpleasant job of breaking the news to them me tocó la desagradable misión de darles la noticia
      • I'm only doing my job solo cumplo con mi deber

  • 2

    • 2.1(task, piece of work)

      trabajo masculine
      this is a job for a builder este es un trabajo para un albañil
      • let's get on with the job vamos a ponernos a trabajar en serio
      • concentrate on the job in hand concéntrate en la tarea que tenemos entre manos
      • she's had a nose job se ha operado la nariz
      • a repair job una reparación
      • you're doing a fine job lo estás haciendo muy bien
      • he did an excellent job on my car me arregló el coche muy bien
      • he's doing a good job of handling the crisis está llevando bien la crisis
      • he made quite a good job of the shelves colocó (or arregló etc.) los estantes bastante bien
      • she made a bad job of her presentation hizo mal la presentación
      • to do a job on sth/sb liquidar algo/a algn
      • if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well si vale la pena hacerlo, vale la pena hacerlo bien
      • Inputting time spent and expenses incurred on jobs, activities or tasks is quick and easy.
      • Based on the TV series farm jobs, tasks, rewards, and unseen pieces from the programme were explored.
      • I wrote two pieces tonight for various jobs, but they both are thin, trembling, smelly things.
      • In other policing roles you only see bits and pieces of some jobs, you don't get to follow them all the way through to the end result.
      • Dye also brought in his own shapers and equipment from other jobs to piece the construction of the course together.
      • His job was to help piece the puzzle together and confirm the fate of the aircrew.
      • Todd Whitelock also did a great job on the pieces for piano and cello that are on there.
      • Providing workers to do the dirtiest, riskiest jobs has become a big business.
      • What jobs or tasks today, or in the past, do not require knowledge?
      • Somewhere on the long list of jobs is a task to erect a nice little shed in the back garden.
      • We also have a wide range of tasks and jobs to do in lots of different locations and we won't be able to get everyone together.
      • This piece does a nice job at dismantling some of the stunts and action sequences in the film.
      • He assumed that role with Atlanta, freeing Cox from the impossible task of doing both jobs.
      • It can be used by itself on smaller projects or to supplement big equipment on larger jobs.
      • The city had promised those who worked there that they would get other jobs once that grim task ended.
      • I think everyone agrees that Warren has done a dismal job of being a Big Brother secret agent.
      • The biggest job will be the replacement of the floors in the two change rooms.
      • A petty thief is seen pulling off a cheap scam on a shopkeeper by a major league con-artist who recruits him for a big job.
      • Cox has done a smart, thorough job of explaining and contextualizing this unusual figure.
      • I think you did a commendable job of explaining how to get started.

    • 2.2Computing

      trabajo masculine
      job queue cola de trabajos pendientes
      • The software automatically deploys a small agent program on each computer as scheduled defrag jobs begin.
      • ThinPrint offers software to sort out print jobs in internet and mobile environments.
      • You conceivably can use work queues for jobs other than bottom-half processing, however.
      • For example, suppose one of root's cron jobs uses Stunnel to send files to a remote rsync process.
      • In this way you are parallelizing several serial jobs by starting them all at once, each on a different CPU.

    • 2.3 informal (difficult task)

      it's always a job to reach him siempre cuesta mucho / resulta difícil ponerse en contacto con él
      • it's quite a / some job cooking for 50 people hacer comida para 50 personas no es moco de pavo
      • I had a terrible job getting that nail out me dio mucho trabajo sacar ese clavo
      • we had a job to hear nos las vimos negras para oír
      • If Sligo had lost James Kearins would have had a real job on his hands to try and rally the troops for this one.
      • But to be truthful it is very dull at the moment and it's a real job to motivate myself to study.
      • If that's what the local conditions are like then we've got a real job on our hands.
      • Not that it matters, as they knew who it was, but they had a job trying to piece the scene together.
      • In Big Blogger's mind there is a camera though - why else would he be decked out in the old bow tie job?

  • 3 slang

    golpe masculine
    to do / pull a job dar un golpe
    • after the job they did on him, his own mother wouldn't have recognized him tal y como lo dejaron, ni su madre lo hubiera reconocido
    • Lastly, Neo didn't do a good job of providing an interesting mix of burglary tools for the jobs.
    • Splashy bank jobs, bombings, high profile murders - and nobody seems to be able to get a grip on it.
    • You know the blockers are doing theft jobs when Holmes consistently is getting by the initial wave of defenders.
    • He kept reappearing in my life to offer me more criminal jobs for money to pay to return.
    • Caroline allowed the Guardian to tag along on one of her jobs a burglary in leafy Purley Oaks.
  • 4 slang

    cuestión feminine informal
    chisme masculine Spain, Mexico informal
    vaina feminine Colombia, Peru, Venezuela informal
    coso masculine Southern Cone informal
    one of those electric chrome jobs uno de esos asuntos / chismes eléctricos de cromo informal
    • I like the little red job with the feather me gusta el (sombrero / modelito etc.) rojo con la pluma
  • 5British child language

    to do a big/little job hacer caca/pis informal

intransitive verb jobbing, jobbed, jobbed

  • 1

    (work casually)
    trabajar esporádicamente
    hacer changas River Plate informal
    hacer pololos Chile informal
    • Before his fateful punch-up, Bardem had been an aspiring painter, part-time stripper and occasional jobbing actor.
    • There are the jobbing comics who do the circuit of the clubs.
    • So we need to set up a jobbing enterprise where skilled pensioners can do repairs and small jobs reasonably quickly and well.
    • You can then find a way into becoming a jobbing director if that's what you want, but for the first couple you have to have a passion for it.
    • I'm just a jobbing broadcaster who happens to be called Dimbleby, that's all.
    • It has to be in language that a jobbing plumber from Paisley can understand.
    • ‘I'm just a jobbing actor, really,’ he shrugs, humbly.
    • People miss out on one key thing about when Bill left music to be a jobbing farmer.
    • A jobbing New York model, she arrived in London in 1994, after correctly calculating her potential future as ‘a bigger fish in a smaller pond’.
    • But I didn't want to become a jobbing biographer.
    • He was a jobbing photographer (including some years on the Listener's Auckland staff) as much as he was the laureate of Kiwiana.
    • But double jobbing was not a major problem, he believed.
    • A jobbing musician, he not only achieved tremendous respect as a jazz artist but he worked with popular African and Caribbean bands as well.
    • ‘I don't think my career has been that amazing because I still see myself as a jobbing actress,’ she said.
    • For the next two years it's more important to me to do the writing than take on jobbing director work.
    • Post-college, he became a jobbing actor within television.
    • In 1951 he moved to Oxford and with very simple equipment set himself up as a jobbing printer - this was the start of the Fantasy Press.
    • Now, it strikes me that a jobbing wedding-reception caricaturist requires two major attributes in order to achieve success.
    • When a jobbing actress failed to turn up, Kay's wife Susan, then a pharmacist's assistant in Boots, stepped in.
    • The jobbing trade is an important and steadily growing feature of Wheeling's business life.
    • After getting jobbed by the BCS system and left out of the 2000 championship game, the Canes won it all in 2001 and lost in the title game in 2002.
    • Chris Andersen was jobbed by the people scoring the dunks.
    • As for Carmelo, I definitely don't feel like he was jobbed.
    • At this point, with all the hurt and pain of being jilted and jobbed by the BCS system, that's all the Miami Hurricanes can hold on to.
    • Two teams from California got totally jobbed.
    • She was as classy as they come in the face of misfortune, so was he when he got jobbed out of a second medal.
  • 2

    (as middleman)
    trabajar de intermediario
  • 3jobbing present participle

    jobbing printer impresor de material publicitario

There are 2 main translations of Job in Spanish

: job1Job2


Job, n.

Pronunciation /dʒoʊb/ /dʒəʊb/


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    • Job's comforter