Translation of jockey shorts in Spanish:

jockey shorts

calzoncillos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɑːki/ /ˈdʒɒki/

plural noun

(Jockey shorts, Jockeys)
  • 1

    calzoncillos masculine
    calzones masculine Mexico
    interiores masculine Colombia, Venezuela
    • But don't ever call me a thief or a racist: I'd sue you for your pants, jockey shorts, drawers, whatever, and everything in between!
    • Jill called out, ‘I was thinking you'd be a jockey shorts guy.’
    • The man, looking even bigger wearing just a pair of jockey shorts, walked out, rubbing his eyes and asking, sleepily, ‘Margot?’
    • Short and portly, with close-cut blond hair and a voice that can knock your jockey shorts off, Dee often appears as the romantic lead.
    • Still no word on whether the gang was able to set the price of postage stamps or agree on the official color of the Iraqi Olympic team's jockey shorts.
    • Steve said one morning about three o'clock he was on his front porch wearing only his jockey shorts and boots shooting at a skunk.
    • He answered the door himself, dressed in red jockey shorts with a strip of film dangling over his arm.